What To Expect From A Physiotherapist



Do you know about physiotherapist? Physiotherapists work with clients to provide pain management and rehabilitation treatment. Individuals who have suffered from heart attacks or dislocated joints often are forced to deal with ongoing crippling pain and turn to physiotherapists for rehabilitation and pain management. Physiotherapists assist patients with healthcare beginning with analyzing the patient’s medical history and administering physical tests to determine the level of flexibility and range of body movement. After the physiotherapist establishes a diagnosis they will begin the process of understanding the patient’s functional needs and arrange a consistent treatment plan that will help accomplish their health goals.


Although physiotherapists use techniques of a physical nature to allow the patient to take control of the pain they are experiencing, they also provide education and advice to enhance the knowledge of one’s own health. The education that physiotherapists provide for their patients allows them to not only understand their illness, injury or disease, but it also gives the patient long term control of their situation. Patients can expect to gain critical understanding about their condition and what precautionary measures they should take to prevent a repeat of the injury. Patients also learn about the actions they should take when they are at home to manage any symptoms that may develop, which allows them to continue their treatment beyond the walls of the clinic.

Physiotherapy treatments cover a large array of options that may be used for rehabilitation and pain management. Patients often receive therapeutic massages to encourage blood flow to joints and muscles, reduce inflammation and start the process of muscle healing. Treatments may also include joint manipulation to reduce pain, swelling and stiffness while restoring the flexibility, range of movement and function to concentrated areas of the body. By manipulating the soft tissues, tight muscles are relaxed and soothed and swelling can begin to dissipate. The application of heat and cold packs are also used during treatment in combination with prescriptions and supportive devices to speed up the process of recovery. They will work with you to develop your optimal healthcare plan.

Physiotherapists may elect to use electrical stimulation to prevent the muscles from deteriorating. Patients who suffer from paralysis or who have had joint surgery have hope of regaining some or all of their muscle strength. With the use of electrical stimulation, the muscles that have become elongated or stretched out of shape can be shortened so that they can return to their natural firmness and size with the use of electronically controlled contractions. Electrical stimulation is not only targeted towards muscles but also toward nerve therapy. Physiotherapists use transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation to relieve pain signals sent by nerves to the brain temporarily. There are many benefits to physiotherapy for patients who suffer from painful diseases and injuries. Patients can expect pain relief and pain management education since long term health and recuperation is the main objective.

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