Tips for Workaholic to keep your health better

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Are you always bring your work at home and spent a holiday with job task on the mind? It means you are a workaholic person. Workaholic always get stress because take their job much of the time. This make you don’t have a quality time with your family. In this entry I’ll share 7 tips for workaholic to get best out of your health :-


1. Get a better sleep. You must have at least eight hours of sleep per day. There’s no way substitutes for sleep and rest. You can replace 8 hours sleep on others day. It is not physiologically possible for your body to backup your lost sleep time.

2. Make sure on your holiday that it is your quality time for family. Give some discussion or play with your son. They need your attention and so do you.
3. Get some healthy food. Most alcoholic is food-skipper or eating fast food. It is not good for your health. Make sure your food have a nutrition suit for your health.

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4. Don’t bring your work at home. It will effect your and family life. There’s probability conflict if you always do work job at home. Keep all your files at your office where they belong. If you work from home, manage your schedule. Practice working within the working hours.
5. Manage your schedule. Do just one or two task at a time. You can’t focus if have many jobs on your head at the same time.Create your list job and make a priorities. After you list it, do your work by priorities. It will help you manage yout rime.
6.  Exercise is very important in one time. Take about an half hour to exercise. If your workplace is about 2-3 floor, use the stairs to workup your body. Make sure your holiday get your body sweat because most of your time in workplace is in aircond without any physical work. Not good for your health.

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7. Get your social life. Most of workaholic is lonely and don’t have social life. It is not good. Get some friend and do some interesting such as sport, travel, etc.. This activities will help you to refresh your mind and avoid stress.

The important thing is your health . You can’t finish all work especially when your health in bad condition. Take your work as just one of fun activities. Don’t make work take your whole life.

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