7 Easy Exercises Before Work

Do you make an exercise before going to work? Do you think exercise before working is hard to do? Change the attitude now. We must make some simple exercise that taking not more than 15-30 minutes before going to work. Try this 7 easy exercise as your routine before moving to your office.
1. Stretching
– Stretching is an easy exercise to do. It can improve circulation and flexibility of your body. Try to stretch your arm over your head then lean to each side and bend over to touch your toes. This exercise has been taught by teacher on the primary school and I think all of us have learn it.

2. Yoga poses
– You don’t need to go Yoga gym. And you don’t need to follow the religion steps. Just start with position like Cat-Cow Pose, Downward Dog and Warrior One. Held each for a minute or two and try it for less than 10 minutes.


3. Walking

– The easiest exercise that you can do. Take a walk around your place or park nearby. If you really lazy to go outside, just walking on your home. But don’t walk at your room because you will be walking into the bed.
4. Free weight
– Do some lifting weight might be not for beginner. Maybe you can lift a small weight for starter. It can burn calories which means your body will fresh in the morning.
5. Squat thrust
– It is not recommend for beginner. This exercise combines jumping, squats and push ups. It will definitely burn calories but not recommend for those have back problem.
6. Stairs walk
– You can walk stair on your park or if there’s stair on your workplace. It will working out heart, legs and lungs. Try it 10 minutes per day and you will see the difference.
7. Crab walk
– Sound funny. This exercise need you waddle around their hands and feet belly-up. Crawl around for 2 minutes and it will stretch the rest of your body.



  1. If you want to make yoga your primary form of exercise, you may be wondering if the calories burned during a typical session are enough to guarantee weight loss. Most yoga practitioners use yoga for its obvious benefits, such as muscle tone and core stability improvement, strength building and stress reduction. They then use another form of cardio activity, such as swimming, cycling or walking, as their primary form of cardio exercise.

  2. Exercise is one of the things that a lot of people wants to do but most of the time, they think its hard to do it. I am sure with this easy exercise tips they will surely achieve their goal of having a healthy body. Thank you for taking time to share this here.

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