Why You Need to Take a Break from Work and Meditate

Stress is one of the most powerful contributors to deteriorating health. When we’re stressed, we tend to bypass lots of healthy habits, such as getting a good night’s sleep, eating well and exercising. So, finding ways to de-stress is essential for achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, the way in which many of us live our lives does not lend itself to a stress-free existence. Our work, whether we love it or not, consumes much of our energy and can lead to accumulating stress. Because of this, it is important to break out of this routine, take some time off from work and regain some inner peace.

One particularly useful, and relatively easy, way to do this is to introduce meditation to your daily routine. Many people associate meditation with time-consuming retreats or spiritual masters, but the reality is it is applicable to your daily life and can deliver you countless benefits.  Even with a simple practice, you can calm your thoughts and regain your focus so that you can become more relaxed and aware.

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few reasons why taking some time to meditate at work can dramatically improve your stress level and allow you to live a calmer, healthier life.


Recharge and Regain Your Focus

Being overwhelmed is one of the biggest reasons for getting burned out in the office. If you constantly watch the clock or have a hard time waking up in the morning, you could be burned out.

When this happens, you might need to take a break so that you stop focusing on negative thoughts and can put your attention back on taking care of the task at hand.

By taking a few minutes to sit back and focus your thoughts on positivity, you’ll be able to get more done in less time, and you’ll have an easier time making it through the day.

Meditating for short periods of time is a necessary practice, but you can also put yourself in a good mood by listening to ambient music and melodies while you perform daily tasks. This will relax you and reduce the strain some of the more repetitive parts of your day might cause. It will also allow you to focus more and be more productive.

YouTube has tons of this type of music, and some playlists last for multiple hours. For example, The Honest Guys offer lengthy videos on YouTube full of soothing sounds to help relax you that can be listened to despite content restrictions at work. All of this leads to a less stressful experience at work, which allows you to stay focused on your personal health. If you can learn to deal with the pressures at work and know when to remove yourself from them, a healthier, more relaxed lifestyle is well within your reach.

You’ll Perform at a Higher Level

One of the reasons stress is so damaging is that it can snowball. When you get stressed, you tend to work less productively, which causes you to fall behind on tasks, which causes even more stress. This cycle can continue forever and can destroy you both mentally and physically if you don’t step in to break it.

Spending a few minutes meditating and refocusing your thoughts will give you the motivation needed to take your time on each task and perform at a higher level. You’ll have an easier time getting things done and won’t completely zap your energy stores in the process.

You’ll also learn to trust yourself and listen to your instincts more instead of making snap reactions based on any negative emotions you may currently be feeling.

Meditating doesn’t require a huge effort on your part, either. You can watch a few short videos on YouTube or even install an app such as Headspace on your phone. In just a couple of minutes you can reclaim positivity in your thoughts and get back to focusing on performing at your highest level. After you see yourself methodically getting through tasks, you will start to feel a sense of satisfaction, which will go a long way towards improving your overall well-being.

You Won’t Be Drained When You Get Home

When you’re constantly stressed at work, your brain releases stress hormones, and your body becomes physically and mentally drained. People who love their jobs tend to have ample amounts of energy after work and can spend time exercising or doing things that they really love. However, people who dislike what they do tend to go home after work to sit on the couch and go to bed early, only to wake up the next day still tired. This repeats itself over and over again until you let things such as sleep and nutrition fall to the wayside.

When work is generating this cycle of negativity, it may be time to pause and take in the moment. Sit back from your desk, focus your thoughts on something positive and work on your breathing technique. When you feel relaxation come over your body, you can get back to work with a peaceful spirit and an improved outlook.

At first glance, perhaps meditation and work do not seem like a typical match. However, the addition of this relaxation technique to your routine can have profound effects on your overall health. By helping you to recharge, be more productive and maintain energy, meditation can help push stress out of your life. Removing this pressure will allow you to focus on other areas of wellness, and this will lead to an overall healthier and more satisfying life.

About the Author: Caroline is a blogger who focuses on positivity, stress relief and mediation. She knows how hard it can be to try and focus on things such as nutrition and exercise when negativity is filling her head. She has introduced meditation to her lifestyle to help her deal with these challenges and enjoys sharing this experience to help others reduce stress and live healthier.

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