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All of us want to have flat belly. Get a sexy stomach always a dream many of us. In one of study, 60% of women think their belly is the most important of their body part. There’s latest result to shrinking your stomach by follow this rules :-
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1. Maybe you have heard about eating five small meals a day. It is a good method but not really work for everyone. Researchers from Purdue University found that the main problem is the behavior to make snacks as meals and meals become feasts. This is wrong because snack has contain more calories. Always keep an eye on the portions of your meals to ensure it is not over limit.
2. Eating fat can make you slim. Maybe some of you don’t agree with the statement but its been scientifically proven. According to Institute of Medicine, fatty foods make up 20-35 percent of your total calories. But it must include with right fats such as nuts, avocados and healthy oils. British Journal of Nutrition report show that monounsaturated fats rich diet helped people to lose weight and body fat. Their research also found that dieter took a high fat approach need less time than those who used a high carb approach.
3. Do you count the calories you take per day? Counting the calories you take could help to stay concistent with a healthy eating plan. But worrying could stress you out. Fill your stomach with energy dense food because it have lot of nutrition.
4. Protein shakes not just for bodybuilders only. It also good to loss weight. Study from TheJournal of Nutrition found that person diet with protein will lose weight faster than those who consumed soy protein.
5. You losing weight but your belly not. Why? Maybe it happen to some of you. It happen because you’re not strength treating or eating enough protein.
6. Maybe you’ve heard about artifical sweeteners. There’s no direct link between take sweeteners and gaining weight.
7. There’s many supplement introduce in the market but most of it are really junk and have side effect. The best way to loss weigh is exercise and look at your meal.

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