Good practices in handling food

Hygiene in food handling is important for health. Unhygienic food can contain harmful substances that can cause food poisoning, cholera, typhoid, jaundice and other diseases. The following are good practices in handling food for health: –

– Wear apron and head covering that is clean and suitable when handling food.
– Do not smoke while preparing food.
– Food can not be placed or made available on the floor. Use the designated places.
– Take care when preparing food hygiene at all times.
– Do not rub the food on the ground. Dispose of these foods in the right place.
– Reserve food in the right place.
– Do not use containers that have cracked or chipped to serve food.
– Use tongs / spoon / fork to eat.
– Protect food from flies, rats, cockroaches, dust and toxic materials.
– Use the proper way meals and take care of personal hygiene when serving food.
– Use a separate towel to clean the table, wipe equipment, and to wipe the hands.
– Use a clean cloth to wipe the dishes.
– Use the trash can.
– Use clean water to wash dishes.
– Wash hands with soap every time after using the toilet and before preparing or serving food.
– Do not store cooked and raw in the same place to avoid contamination.
– Keep foods in the right place.


  1. Wash hands and surfaces often Did you know that foodborne bacteria are invisible and can spread throughout the kitchen and get on cutting boards, utensils, sponges, countertops, and food? If eaten, harmful foodborne bacteria can cause foodborne illness. Keep your family safe by keeping your hands, surfaces, and utensils clean. And, make sure fruits and veggies are washed thoroughly, too!

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