How To: A Guide To Performing Rhinoplasty

How is Rhinoplasty performed?

Knowing what to expect from the actual procedure, can often make cosmetic surgeries much less intimidating. During a Rhinoplasty, the patient undergoes 5 basic surgical stages, during which very specific goals must be accomplished.

The first stage of cosmetic surgery is the pre-surgical procedure. During this time, the patient will sign into the hospital or clinic, change into the gown provided, and get settled into a designated area. Whether this is a pre-surgical area or the actual surgical room depends on that hospital or clinic’s specific protocol. It is often in this area that Anesthesia is administered. This Anesthesia may only involve the numbing of a localized area, or may enact a more general sedation (put you all the way under). Your doctor will have selected the anesthesia method that best suits your particular situation

During the second stage of the procedure, an incision will be made. If you are having an “open” rhinoplasty, this incision will be made in the strip of tissues that separates your nostrils. If you are having a “closed” procedure it will be made insider the nose. All the cosmetic work will be accomplished through this incision.

The third stage of the procedure is when the nose actually changes shape. Often, cartilage from the nose and septum are redistributed during this time, so that the overall shape of the nose is more balanced.

The fourth stage of the cosmetic surgery will only occur in patients who suffer from a deviated septum. During this stage the septoplasty, if it is necessary, will be performed. This reduces the projection inside the nose, and corrects the alignment of breathing passages.

The final stage of cosmetic surgery is simply the closure. During this stage, the skin of the nose is repositioned and the incision is closed.

In some cases you will then go into recovery in a separate room in the hospital, until you are released to go home. In other cases you will recover in that room.

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