Is It Possible to Dissolve Kidneys Stones Without Undergoing Surgical Treatment?

kidney stone

If you have never experienced kidney stones, consider yourself very fortunate; according to, kidney stone problems resulted in over a million people being admitted to emergency rooms all across the nation. To further emphasize this point, studies have shown that 1 in 10 people will be diagnosed with kidney stones at some point in their lives. It’s also worth noting that kidney stone prevalence has been on the rise since the late 2000s. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at what causes kidney stones, what they are, and how to naturally dissolve them.


If you’re not already familiar with kidney stones, they are hard masses consisting of calcium compounds that form in the kidneys. Some of the more common kidney stone symptoms include bloody urine, a burning sensation while urinating, vomiting, and extreme back pain. Anyone who has had them can attest to just how painful they can be and would relish in any treatment option that could help get rid of them. From a biological standpoint, the development of kidney stones begins when calcium oxalate (mineral and salts) start to crystallize. As this is happening, hard deposits begin to form, which can obstruct the flow of urine and also make urinating a very painful experience.


There are many health benefits that come with being properly hydrated, including kidney health. To help put this into context, as the body enters a state of dehydration, the flow of fluids through the kidneys begins to slow down. This process often results in salts and minerals combining to form hard deposits that invariably become kidney stones. The signs of dehydration are apparent long before the body beings this downward spiral; so if you’re feeling thirsty, consider this an invitation to grab a cold, refreshing drink. In doing so, you’ll quench your thirst and quite possibly save your kidneys.


There are a number of home remedies that can provide relief from kidney stones, including drinking lemon juice. These fruits contain citrate, a compound that breaks calcium deposits into smaller particles that can later be flushed from the body while urinating. For best results, you should consider drinking a 5-ounce glass upon waking up in the morning and another 5-ounce glass in the evening, preferably before eating dinner.


For those looking for something a little more potent, but still all-natural, Disolvatol may be right for you. Commonly sold as Chanca Piedra, this herbal product supports kidney function and health. When choosing a supplement with kidney health in mind, it is worth considering lab grade products, which is precisely what you get with Chanca Piedra, a supplement manufactured with the highest quality herbs. Those who have taken lab grade Chanca Piedra have seen a marked improvement in their kidney health. In fact, over 90 percent of those who have taken it reported feeling less pain while urinating, clearer urine, and fewer body aches, which, coincidentally, are symptoms of kidney stones.

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