Is Second Hand Vapor from E-Cigarettes Dangerous? (Infographic)

It seems like everywhere we look nowadays, it is impossible not to see someone enjoying their e-cigarette, performing tricks here and there, and puffing a bunch of vapor almost anywhere. And this is where the debate between the user and non-user starts to unfold: is the second-hand vapor that e-cigarettes produced can harm our health?

First of all, we need to clarify that whether you smoke an e-cigarette or a regular tobacco cigarette, smoking on public areas where non-users can inhale your second-hand vapor is a big no-no. It should be of common sense. Now that being said, what if you’re friend with someone who doesn’t vape but is okay being with you while you vape? Does a second-hand vape affects their health or not?

There could be some instances where non-users may inhale the vapor your produce with your e-cigarette. And it is good if you can provide them with some facts if ever they throw you the “You’re giving me lung cancer” argument. To learn these facts, check out the infographic below from Vape Icon.


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