Keeping Fit After Plastic Surgery?

Any surgeries, no matter how big or small will require from you to start the recovery process, as soon as possible. When it comes to plastic surgeries which can be quite specific in their recovery guidelines, sticking to the recovery plans is essential. Another important thing that can really help you out is exercising once the recovery period is finished as this will really allow your body to get back in shape.

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Tummy Tuck

Staying fit after a surgery as extensive as tummy tuck can be a really tiresome experience if you don’t prepare yourself correctly. While the surgery as such is not too complex or dangerous, it will leave a lot of swelling and it may be difficult to walk afterwards. Recovery time may vary greatly and in most cases depends on person to person cases.  It is important that you start walking the day you had the surgery. This will not only allow you to get used to new weight distribution in your body, but more importantly allow your blood circulation and prevent any sort of clotting or similar complications. It will generally take between 5-7 weeks before you are ready to start working out and at that point only light exercises for your abdominal muscles should be done. Things like high intensity pushups, squatting and weight lifting can be a really high strain on your skin and cause stitches to break. Start with light workout before you go to more complex things.


While facelift surgery as such may not look too complex or complicated, the recovery time is quite extensive and for a good reason. The surgery is done under full anesthesia and it can range from small skin removal tasks to more complex neck muscle tightening. In both cases it can be really difficult to exercise until the recovery period is complete. Once you do get home, one to two days after the surgery you should try to stand up in order to stimulate blood flow in your body. It may take a while before you can do anything else apart from walking and in the first few days you can expect the anesthesia to slowly wear off. Small walks around your room and later backyard or garden are a good way to introduce your body to movement once again. Minor simple exercises, like arm stretching and movement around the house are a good way to avoid muscle pain and atrophy. Be careful with sudden arm movement as the shoulder and neck muscles may still need some time to adjust. Extensive workouts that require head and neck muscle movement should be avoided fully until 6 to 7 weeks after the surgery.

Breast Enhancement

Breast enhancement surgeries are rather complex and the area in which incisions are made require a lot of recovery time. The muscles in the chest area can also take some time to recover as well, which means that you will have to dedicate a lot of time to just getting your body ready to deal with the new weight, as well. It may take up to 7-8 weeks before you can do any sort of meaningful exercises. Light walks and later running should be the things that you focus on. Later, you can do very light lifting exercises with small light weights to build your arm and chest muscles. Plan in advance as depending on where you are, you may have to plan out where you will work out in advance. Finding experts for breast augmentation Sydney clinics are famous for may be a good idea, but you need to have in mind that you will need some place to work out and stay fit after the recovery period. Try to take some time and locate places like gyms, running tracks and parks before you choose a specific place to get the job done.

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While most of these surgeries can be difficult to deal with, with a bit of patience and rest time, you will be able to start working out in no time. It is perfectly normal to get fatigues quickly and at first you should always focus on small short walks before you get back to regular exercises.

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