Lack of growth hormone (GH )

Growth Hormone (GH) is a hormone produced by the pineal in our brain. Its use is for growth. While inside the mother until the grow into adults GH serve to stimulate growth of cells in the body. For adults, it serves to improve the cells to form muscle strength. It also prevents the formation of fat in the body.At the age of 30, an amount that is secreted by a gh will be reduced. Blood test shows that it decreases with age until the fifties more significant shortage will occur. Significant deficiency causes fatigue problem becomes more serious.

Role of GH:

Protect organs such as brain size, skin, hair, muscle, bone and organ in our body. A person who has a problem in the production of GH will be like a dwarf, a small body size and short. The lack of this hormone makes the effects of aging so fast once occurred.

GH deficiency symptoms due to aging:

1. Hair became thin.

2. Face the sagging cheeks and skin around the eyes becomes slack lips appear thin nose and jaw bones become thin to make the face appear to fade.

3. Flabby neck skin in the neck.

4.  Hands more delicate and acute. nails look white stripes. Palms look more flat due to the contraction of muscles in the palm of the hand.

5.  Feeling unwell although do not have any problems.

6. Self confidence declined.

7.  Lack of efficiency in carrying out daily tasks, especially those requiring multiple tasking.

8.  Lack of self control. Speaking ill and panic. Easy to feel stressed when faced with an event.

9.  Requires sleep more easily tired than usual and if lack of sleep.

10.  Easy to put on weight despite a strict diet.

11.  Easy to feel cold.

12.  For many men suffering from sexual problems.

13.  Appetite for meat and protein loss due to anabolic low.

14. Risk of disease is easy to get heart problems and high blood pressure, increased blood cholesterol, obesity, diabetes type 2.

Now most labs have a variety of services to detect hormone levels in the blood and it becomes increasingly important as the rate of the elderly population is growing.In laboratory, two tests will be used to check levels of GH and IGF1 assay of GH assay.IGFi is a molecule produced by our hearts. They interact with GH for carrying out its functions. IGF 1 is a method of detecting activity of both GH.

Lifestyle techniques that can help improve the content of GH. Take sufficient calories for our bodies, diets that are too tight for years to make a fast too thin and old. Diet should include meat, eggs and fish.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine and food bercuka. Avoid sugary foods and sweetened dairy-based foods. Do not smoke and take any drugs that fact. Ensure adequate sleep, and finally, do not stress.

Source :- Local Newspaper

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