Local bubble tea shops sending the products for lab test result

As, I’ve wrote in my previous post that Malaysia ministry recalls bubble tea product due to healthy reason. This situation effect the local bubble tea shops. To ensure their customer safety, some of local shops have been sending the tapioca pearls or balls used for testing to ensure they are free of maleic acid.

Bubble tea company, Ochado’s business sent their product for testing two weeks ago after hearing that maleic acid had been detected in some tapioca pearls. Their business director, Desmond Chui said ;

“We have been providing a copy of the lab results proving that our pearls do not contain maleic acid at our outlets for the past one week whenever customers ask about it,”

This week, Malaysia had suspended the import of 11 starch-based products from Taiwan after Singapore authorities found maleic acid in some tapioca pearls that being used in the bubble tea drink.

Singapore’s Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority has suspend some of bubble tea product as they found maleic acid in the product as it is not approved in the republic. Malaysia, under the Food Regulation 1985 also banned use of maleic acid as food additive as it could cause kidney damage.

Other’s company, Chatime Malaysia also make a test two week ago. Both company, Ochado and Chatime Malaysia have posted their test results and relevant documentation on their Facebook pages as it pass the test (Ochado fb and Chatime Malaysia.

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