Make Exercise Eco-Friendly with Green Fitness Gear

Living a sustainable life may seem like too much work, but when you really think about it and know all the facts, it’s actually much easier than not caring at all. Not to mention the feeling inside when you know that you’re helping the environment and that you are not destroying the planet. If everyone started from themselves first, instead of judging others, our planet would be such a wonderful place. A great thing to start from, especially if you are into fitness is exactly this – eco-friendly fitness gear. Now, you may have heard about it, or maybe you haven’t, but it has been around for awhile now. You probably noticed how the gym gear is usually made from some sort of plastic – which is by the way damaging for our dear planet Earth. Well the first thing you can do is to replace all that plastic with some eco-friendly materials. How? Keep reading and you will find out.

Eco-friendly gym bags


You already know that gym bags are usually made out of polyester (which is plastic). Dig a little deeper and you will see that there are tons of bags which were made out of recycled materials. But, they have one flaw which is that they can’t really hold wet clothing, like swimsuits for example. So, you could either get a wet bag (like the one moms use for storing diapers) or simply wrap it in the towel and wash and hang it when you get home.

Organic towels


Towels by themselves are usually made out of cotton – which is good. But even better, there are many towels made from both cotton AND bamboo. Grab a small one if you are going on a treadmill or to do some yoga, or the big beach one to dry yourself up after the post-workout relaxation in the pool while lying on your inflatable water loungers.

Workout clothes

All it takes to find this is a little research. I’m serious, they’re everywhere. Just read the labels carefully. Concentrate on clothes made out of recycled OR materials and natural organic fibers – which will do the better job at removing moisture than the branded polyester gym clothes do. The best thing is that those garments have the minimal amount of synthetic fibers, and we all know how stinky those synthetic fibers can get. Hello organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, soy and many other eco-friendly fibers! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that these plants are usually grown and harvested in a very sustainable manner.

Eco footwear

This is another area where you can opt for being eco-friendly. Almost the same materials which were used for clothing, were also used for gym shoes. Picture this: you run and in the same time you are saving the environment. If that’s not enough of motivation then I don’t know what is. Many manufacturers have inks which are soy based and use only recycled materials. Even the packaging is 100% recyclable.

Water bottles

Even the birds sitting on trees know that the water is the most important thing to consume while working out. They also know that the amount of plastic they contain are bad for everyone, and you should know that too. Disposable water bottles are one of the biggest waste creators in the world – just in California you will find three million water bottles in trash every single day. Can you imagine what it does to planet? You can start making our planet better today by opting for reusable water bottles from high quality materials. Polycarbonate stands up to rough handling. Aluminum bottles with water based interior coating are also a very good choice. You can even find stainless steel water bottles. Another great thing about these bottles is that, besides helping the environment, they also have far less chance of bacteria buildups than those plastic bottles.

That would be it. Take care of your body, but in the same time take care of the mother Earth – only two places you have to live in.

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