Mental Trick to fight depression

Depression is one of mental health problem. There’s many medication to help fight depression but sometimes you need to fight using other method such as :-

1. Don’t catastrophize. What is catastrophize? catastrophizing is an irrational thought a lot of us have in believing that something is far worse than it actually is. Instead of thinking negative, try to make your life more positive side.
2. Stop ruminating. Okay, another scientific word. Ruminating is defined as repetitively focusing on the symptoms of distress and on its possible causes and consequences. Rumination thinking can lead to a greater risk of becoming or staying depressed. Try to distact yourself, meditate or redirect your thoughts if you being caught of ruminating. You also can try cognitive behavioral therapy to treat your problem.

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3. Retire your crystal ball. It is not to throw your crystal ball accessories but it define to don’t look too much on the future. Or in simple word, never ‘predict your future’. It can make you scared to your life if the prediction is always bad. Never go to fortune teller or read any prediction from any sources.
4. If you don’t look too much on the future, then don’t look too much on the past too. Especially if your past full of the negative life. Let’s past become history. Take the best and throw the bad memory.
5. Reconnecting to people. Don’t avoid people. You need to go out there and connect with people. If your family will make you depressed, just go to sport arena , concert.. And enjoy your life. Doing nothing for your social life will make depression is higher.
6. Stick to a structured routine. Get a scheduled and follow the day. Many people get depressed because not eat or sleep well. Make sure you have this routine consistently.
7. Avoid white and black thinking. What this means? It means you musn’t thing in extremes. This type of thinking could paralyze you and stop you from doing work better. Try to be positive.
8. Never care about what other’s thought. The depression people always have negative thought on themselves. There’s many people won’t like you even you’re really good. Think about yourself and never care about other’s negative thinking about you. Life must go on and you will keep better and better.
9. Choose smart goals. SMART stands for ‘specific’, ‘measurable’, ‘attainable’, ‘rewarding’ and ‘time-limited’. Life must have goal. Plan a simple and realistic work to do every week and look whether the plan is achieveable. But make a goals that not really hard but not too easy. Increase your goal a little after you achieve it.. You will be better if you can achieve more in your life..
10.If you have depression, don’t deny it. Share it with your nearest people whether it is your family or your friends. You better get treatment by make appointment to psychologist because they can give you proper treatment.
11.Treat yourself well. Many of us treat other person more than we treat ourselves. We do many thing for family, friends but sometimes we forgot about our health. Try to make sure you also have the best treatment.

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