Understanding Impact of Work Related Stress on the Health of an Individual

Mental Stress

We all lead very exhausting lives and the major amount of stress is contributed by the hectic work hours. It is due to this kind of a work culture, that the term work related stress has come into being. Work related stress is the reaction of people to the excess amount of pressure placed on them during work hours. The most important aspect of stress is that it has a direct effect on one’s mental health and also the overall health. Let us look at the common mental illnesses that are developed by people due to excessive work burden:

1.   Anxiety: This is a feeling of unpleasantness that overtakes us when we are worried or distressed about something.  In fact, this something might not even be a sure event but a mere possibility like that of being scolded by a superior or chances of not being able to meet certain expectations.
2.    Depression: This is a state that results due to prolonged periods of excessive stress and anxiety. It is when a person feels extreme sadness, inadequacy and despair over a long duration of time.

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Let Us Look At Some Of The General Symptoms Of Mental Illnesses. Some Of Them Are:

1.    Loss of appetite
2.    A feeling of constant fatigue
3.    Tearfulness

In fact, these mental health problems are so common all around the world that it is estimated that every fourth person in United Kingdom will suffer from a mental health problem at least once in his life. Thus, it is not just work related stress that can have adverse impact on one’s health. Any kind of stress, even due to the littlest things can cause mild mental illnesses. However, you should note that these mild illnesses can be triggered again and even greatly elevated due to excessive work related stress at some other point of life. If work related stress has reached a stage that it is triggering a previous problem, it is an issue of great concern because it is very difficult to separate the two and thus the person just spirals into an endless stress situation unless treated properly. Thus, it is very important to get any all the mental health problems treated right then even if we feel that they are almost of zero significance and might not have any impact.
It is very important to understand that common mental health problems (CMHP) and work related stress are entire different from one another and must not be confused. This is so because people can undergo work related stress without any signs of common mental health problems like anxiety and depression. There might, however, be physical effects of the stress like those of mental illnesses. These effects include high blood pressure and frequent headaches. Also, a person can suffer from anxiety and depression without being stressed. It is thus, important to realize which the case is as the treatments for the two differ greatly. Also, you must know that CMHPs can arise for no apparent reason while work related stress is always caused due to excessive burden on the individual. Also, there are certain steps that can be taken by organizations in order to reduce the chances of a person developing stress.

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