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Hello, have a nice holiday. Do you do meditation today? Maybe some of you still don’t know what is meditation.


Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness. The term meditation refers to a broad variety of practices that includes techniques designed to build internal energy, promote relaxation adn develop patience, compassion, patience, forgiveness and generosity.
Meditation involves an internal effort to self-regulate the mind in some way and help clear the mind and ease many health issues. It may be done sitting or in active way. There are many style of meditation practice.
(Source : Wikipedia )


There’s many benefits of meditation such as :-

1. Lowers blood pressure/slows down the cardiovascular system
2. Restores balanced function to the digestive system, aiding absorption of nutrients.
3. Relaxes the nervous system.
4. Relieves muscle tension.
5. Diminishes intensity of migraines/headaches.
6. Frees the mind from self-doubt and internal chatter.
7. Relieves insomnia.
8. Reduces anxiety.
9. Releases fears
10.Improves depression.
11.Generates optimism, confidence, self-esteem and motivation

Reference :- FB Health Academy Australia

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There’s many form of meditation and some of religious has their own meditation. Just follow what your believe and have a relaxing weekend.


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