Not Just in Pills; Vitamin E Foods for Your Skin

Vitamin E

Vitamin E oils are good for the development of your skin, but you don’t need to invest in bottles of pills in order to provide a healthy alternative in your meals. While long term usage of vitamin E has been linked to those suffering from a stroke and heart failure, these are in rare circumstances and only when taken in mass amounts. The vitamin in and of itself can promote healthier skin and other benefits such as protecting lipids and acting as an antioxidant. Aside from pill supplements, where else can you receive vitamin E naturally without risking your health from overdose?

Vitamin E

Vitamin E Foods for Your Skin

1. Spinach
– Whether it is cooked or raw, spinach is one of those plants that can provide a great amount of nutrition from a single source. As spinach is also loaded with other vitamins and minerals, it is one of the most common edibles included in nearly every diet plan in existence. Instead of using lettuce in that salad, why not prepare it using spinach?

2. Sunflower Seeds – One of the most potent forms of vitamin E comes from sunflower seeds. Although they are higher in calories as opposed to many other foods, they can still provide you with more than half of your daily need for vitamin E inside a single cup. Having one-third of a cup of sunflower seeds per day can give you your daily supply of this vitamin. Millions of people around the country snack on these seeds regularly completely oblivious that they are doing their bodies a service by providing them with nutrients to promote healthier skin.

3. Shrimp – Although shrimp contains a great deal of cholesterol, the seafood delicacy also contains a great amount of omega-3 fatty acids promoting healthier dieting. It not only helps development of your skin, but shrimp provides a variety of antioxidants in other forms. Shrimp is a very good source of tryptophan, selenium, and protein.

4. Almonds
– Although constantly mistaken for nuts, almonds are technically a fruit. This edible can provide you with more than twice what your daily allotment should be of vitamin E within a single cup. In fact, each almond you consume could provide you with 2-percent of your daily value. Widely used on snacks and in drinks, this doesn’t mean that you can improve your skin development by eating a lot of “Almond Joy” chocolate bars.

5. Paprika – For those who enjoy spicy foods, a single teaspoon of paprika in your meal could increase your vitamin E intake by approximately one-seventh. As this spice is used in a great deal of cuisines, you could add flavor to your healthy meals with knowledge that you are getting essential nutrients to promote healthier skin. While you could sprinkle a teaspoon of paprika over one-third cup of Almonds in order to get almost 100-percent of your daily supply of vitamin E, it may not be appealing to some.

Vitamin E can do a great deal to promote a variety of functions within your body. Although earlier statements of health complications derived from vitamin E could be used to scare some, the exact nature of the correlation between the vitamin and various physical conditions is still being scrutinized. As long as you’re responsible when it comes to the foods you consume, you have nothing to fear from vitamin E.

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