Preventing Concussion & Head Injuries in Sport

The issue of concussion and head injury in sport has become quite prominent in recent times, with a growing number of cases ranging from high-profile NFL athletes to children playing recreationally. There was a time when the stock response would have been to persuade the player to battle on, but with the potential consequences of concussion so severe, you simply cannot take a chance on it. There’s a very good reason why concussion protocols are in place in many sports. The pride of winning pales in comparison with the value of participants’ health and safety.

This infographic from Bracken Foam Fabricators   outlines common head injury and concussion risks across a variety of sports, covering everything from football to soccer and boxing to lacrosse. It also recommends safe practices for these sports and describes the relevant protective headgear, without which participants are asking for major trouble. If you or your children play sports where the potential for serious head injury is present, it’s crucial that you educate yourself on how to minimize the possibility of such injury occurring.



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