What can you do to reduce workplace health & safety hazards?

Some jobs will naturally pose a greater health and injury risk than others, but in reality, all workplaces contain potential safety hazards. Not all of these can be eliminated completely, but employers should do what they can to minimize the level of risk to people within the workplace. This infographic from Union Quay Medical Centre examines the most common health and safety risks that exist in workplaces and outlines the responsibilities of staff and management to make the working environment safe for everyone.

All the health and safety material and courses in the world are only as good as the people using them, so if an employer or employee knowingly neglects to implement safe practices, they are being foolish in the extreme. An innocuous fall could lead to an expensive lawsuit if the victim slipped on a spillage that had been present for longer than necessary, so why take the risk in the first place? Safety should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind when they are in work so that lives are not needlessly endangered.



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