Regular Chiropractic And Massage Treatments Offer Multiple Health Benefits

Several healthcare techniques which have previously been thought of as ‘alternative’ are now commonly partnered with traditional western medicinal practices to provide a complete health and healing experience for patients.   Chiropractic care is one such practice and chiropractors are trained in the art of healing the body through chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy techniques. Massage therapy has been depicted in ancient civilizations dating back as far as 2330 BC. from regions of India, Japan, Rome and even stretching to Mesopotamia. Massage therapy is highly recognized as a way to rejuvenate the body and mind as well as relieving pain and stress accumulated throughout your life.


The chiropractic Dallas and massage experts at in North York, Ontario use a wide variety of techniques to relax their patients and even provide them with energy. A good massage session should ultimately spill over in to several areas of the patient’s life. Both chiropractic and massage treatments have been accredited with relieving conditions like anxiety, high blood pressure, poor circulation, stress reduction, hypertension, adhesions and many more. To fully understand the positive health benefits of both chiropractic and massage therapy it’s important to break down the different forms of massage therapy. Not only will you come to understand the techniques but you will also receive a greater understanding of their medical benefits.

Friction as a form of massage therapy is designed to break up adhesions within the muscles. Adhesions are what many refer to as “knots” within the muscle itself. Friction is the process of putting pressure on these trigger points with the palm or knuckle and quickly breaking them up. Although this sounds painful, it’s quick and instantaneously provides circulation and comfort to the area. Have you ever seen in the movies where a massage therapist is karate chopping away at someone’s back? This is an overly exaggerated version of Tapotement. However, this type of treatment should only be used on areas that are dense with muscle tissue and should be avoided in areas that contain more bone. Also, it’s important to note that the massage therapist, or chiropractor will never perform these treatments on someone with pre-existing medical conditions or a weak frame. Athletes and people who lead physically intense lives will benefit the most from Tapotement. This type of therapy pushes blood into the muscles and provides a relaxing and beneficial boost to their activity levels.

Another technique that a chiropractor or massage therapist will apply to a patient is a technique called Effleurage. This technique is designed to help with circulation issues, blood flow and overall sense of relief. The therapist will glide their hands towards the central point of the body (the heart) thus creating a better circulation environment. Patients with hypertension, blood pressure issues and overall anxiety will notice huge results after a session is completed. This technique is usually performed with oils to ensure that the hands can properly slide over the skin without any risk of friction or burning. Always remember that when you book a session with you will leave the office feeling refreshed and energized! You can be assured that you will receive sound chiropractic advice and information with your individual health issues taken into account.