Signs You’re Having a Migraine

Migraine are one of common disease that affect people. It occur on one side of the pain and the people suffer with migraine will intensify the pain.
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Do you have a migraine? Let’s read the sign :-

1. Some people will experience auras which is they see visual such as spots, flickering lights or lines. The auras visual will last between 5 minutes and a hour. There’s a patients have aura without any headache at all.

2. People suffer with migraines could have mood changes. Patients will depressed or suddenly down. There’s also genetic link involved in migraines.
3. Lack of sleep. Feeling tired at morning after having trouble to sleep at the night might link of migraine. Medical director of the Michigan Headache Clinic, Edmund Messina said ‘”A lot of people will have insomnia as a result of their migraine,’. It shows that lack of sleep relate to migraines.
4. Sinus symptoms such as stuffy nose, droopy eyelids, tearing or clear nasal drainage also a symptoms of migraine. Study from GlaxoSmithKline found that people who complained of sinus headache, nearly 90% of them having migraines.
5. Experience of throbbing pain of he head might be a sign of migraine. The throbbing is often felt on one side of the head.
6. Some of patient often burrows behind the eye. It could become a sign of migraine.
7. Neck pain also a signs to get migraine. It’s probably the early stage of the migraine. In the survey by National Headache Foundation found 38% of migraine patients get neck pain and 31% frequently have neck pain during migraine headaches.
8. Frequent urination also one of migraine symptoms. It called prodome phase of a migraine and can occur an hour or two days before the start of headache pain.
9. Frequent yawning also a migraine symptoms. It happen even though the patient do not feeling tired.
10.Other than visual aura, the other symptoms might happen if patient have sensory aura. They may have problem on sensation such as a pins and needles feeling. He/she will feel numbness or tingling.
11.Nausea or vomiting also an early sign of migraine. From American Migraine Study II, 3,700 people with migraines and 73% of them experience nausea and 29% have vomiting.
12.The sufferer could tend to seek refuge in a dark, quiet place. It could trigger a migraine.
13.Some patient could trouble to speak. They can speak properly like before. They feel like they’re blithering.
14.See double vision or vertigo could trigger migraine. This type of migraine called basilar-type migraine. The sufferer may experience balance problems too.
15.Headache hangover also a sign of migrane. The patient may feel like her body has been pummeled. There’s a research found that sufferer experienced of fatigue, dizzines, trouble concentrating, lightheadedness and loss of energy during the post-migraine period.

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