Stay strong from inside

Our modern urban lifestyle is rather different from the traditional lifestyle that people led decades ago.
Constantly being on the move with busy work schedules and various family or social demands, we may sometimes find it difficult to keep going throughout the day because of the lack of energy.

Lifestyle issues such as lack of sleep and not exercising enough can cause tiredness, but experts say that vitamin and mineral deficiencies may also contribute to fatigue.
The best way to avoid nutrient deficiencies is to make sure you are eating a balanced, nutrient-rich diet of fresh, whole foods.
While a healthy diet is important, a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement with probiotics can be taken to obtain essential nutrients for optimal health.

To get the most benefits, it is good to choose a high-quality supplement with a three-in-one combination of vitamins, mineral and probiotivs to recharge your body’s batteries and help you stay strong from within,.
Probiotics have received a great deal of attention in recent years for their role in supporting human health.

Benefits of Probiotics in our body|

According to a study published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology in 2010, probiotics can improve nutrient absorption and digestion as well as produce B vitamins, the energy-yielding vitamins.
Research has found that healthy adults whose diet is supplemented daily with a miltivitamin, mineral and probiotic combination showed significant reduction in the risk of acquiring common cold infectiosn compared to those who took a multivitamin supplement without probiotic bacteria.

In addition, the duration of common cold symptoms such as nasal symptoms (including sneezing) , bronchial symptoms, headache, fatigues and fever was reduced when people took a combination of three probiotic strains – Lactobacillus gasseri PA 16/8, Bifidobacterium longum SP 07/3 and Bifidobacterium bifidum MF 20/5.

Ideally, choose a supplement with essential nutrients that are specifically designed to help reinforce the immune system, improve digestion and revitalize metabolism for all-day energy.
Be strong from within and enjiay all the beautiful things in your life that are waiting for you.

– The Star , 8 OCtober 2017

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