Study shows e-cigarettes are safer than smoking


The debate over e-cigarettes and their health implications is still a source of debate for many. Some people swear by their effectiveness as a way to quit smoking, while others talk about the potential detrimental effects of e-cigarette use. This infographic from purplebox takes you through an interesting recent study by Cancer Research UK – comparing cigarette smokers and e-cigarette users. It revealed that levels of NNAL, a chemical linked with lung cancer, were 97% lower in people who previously smoked and now use e-cigarettes only.

However, the research also revealed that people who switched between regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes still had high levels of chemicals in their system. This is a good lesson for people who use both and think they are significantly improving their health. Alison Cox, from Cancer Research UK, stated that the research was further evidence that the long-term effects of using e cigarettes will be minimal. Find out more in the infographic.

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