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Best and Worst Foods for Digestion

Digestion is important to our health. We need to find food that easy for our digest system work. Here’s are good and bad foods for digestion Best Food for Digestion 1. Bananas – This fruit will restore normal bowel function especially when you have diarrhea. It restore electrolytes and potassium that may be lost due to runny stool. It also has lots of fiber to aid digestion. 2. Yogurt –


Many of us ignore taking breakfast in the morning. This is bad practice. Many advantages that can be given if we practice taking breakfast in the morning. free picture hosting • keep you stomach full in the morning. • Provides energy needed to perform an activity in the morning such as learning and taken before the next food. • It can strengthen family relationships if taken with breakfast before school.

Best Food for Winter

Winter will come and you need to get propriate meals to your body. This is some food that good for your health in winter 1. Chicken Soup – The chicken soup is good to helps you breathe easy in the winter season. University of Nebraska study found that chicken soup may reduce inflammation in your throat and nose. It is also low in calories and fat with high in fiber.