Travel Tips during Pregnancy


Traveling during pregnancy can appear to be a tricky encounter for expectant women. In the modern world however one cannot afford to sit down throughout the pregnancy period and watch things go wrong. We have got bills such as electricity, water and rent to pay and businesses or jobs to attend to on daily basis. However, things should not appear to be tough for you because in this article you are going to teach yourself a few tips that will help you stay comfortable while traveling during pregnancy and so there is no genuine reason why you should sit at home. Whether you intend to travel by road, air, train or via water you will find these tips necessary for you.


Seek advice from a qualified health personnel

A qualified health practitioner should be able to offer you advice regarding pregnancies. They will advise you that it is safe to travel during the middle of your pregnancy. This is because most emergencies related to pregnancies will happen during the first and the last stages. They will also be in a position to tell the further tests you may require to undergo during the pregnancy before your planned trip. Sometimes depending on the places you intend to visit you may require some vaccines to prevent you from diseases which are mostly found in those areas. Some of these vaccines may be harmful to your pregnancy and so before getting them it’s advisable you get advice from your doctor.

Pack all the medication you may need during your trip

Before you can embark on your planned trip it’s advisable that you pack all the medication you may require including the prenatal vitamins and over the counter remedies. This is very crucial because depending on your destination some of you medications may not be readily available or may not be in sale in those parts at all. Changing medications in between pregnancies can pose some dangers to the unborn which we don’t want to happen during our trips so I highly recommend you carry enough supply of these medicines.

Consider your prenatal tests schedule

These are the various tests that pregnant mothers should take during their pregnancies. The time you intend to make your trip should allow for these tests to be undertaken. For example you need to be aware of these tests and when they need to be undertaken in order to determine the right time to schedule your travels. These tests are usually done during specific period.

A first trimester screening for down syndrome is done between ninth to thirteenth weeks of the pregnancy, chronic villus sampling (CVS) will need to be undertaken at about tenth to twelfth week, nuchal translucency between eleventh and 16th week, ultra sound tests between 16th and 20th week while glucose screening test and group B strep screening need to be conducted between 15th to 18th week and 35th to 37th week respectively. Also remember if you are Rhesus negative Rhesus immunoglobulin shot will be necessary at twenty eighth week of your pregnancy. It is deemed important that every pregnant mother knows these tests and when they are due so that as they make their travel arrangements you don’t miss out on any.

Be comfortable

It is necessary that throughout the trip an expectant mother should make all necessary efforts to remain as comfortable as possible. This is facilitated by choosing the best travel means and also ensuring that you have the right dress code for you. Here you don’t want to impress others and remain tired and uncomfortable the whole of the trip as well as risking the life of the unborn. Choose the right shoes that you can travel in. High heeled shoes will increase chances of falling and they are not very comfortable.

Gather relevant information

Last but not the least I will recommend that you gather information such as your medical doctor personal phone number or email. This will enable conversation between you and them on issues concerning your pregnancy. Seek advice from them for they better know you. If you’re visiting Australia during pregnancy be sure to apply Australian visa online.