Types of Fixed Partial Dentures

Fixed Partial Dentures

A new method of replacing missing teeth had been developed in the recent past. Bridge constructions are now being carried out by many methods besides the older method of Fixed Partial dentures.

Fixed Partial Dentures

Methods Of Attaching a Fixed Partial Dentures

The false tooth used to replace the missing tooth is called a pontic. The restoration that is used to cover the tooth is called a crown. The pontic gets fixed with the crown. This crown, meant as the fixing area is cemented on the two teeth adjacent to the void by the absent tooth. These crowns make sure the pontic sticks to the place and is not displaced. It is these crowns that hold it and extend support.

Different Types Of Fixed Partial Dentures

The best part about going for fixed partial denture is that you can have them attached to your natural teeth. There are different types of Fixed Partial Dentures depending upon the material that is used for the process. Some material examples usually used to execute the process are fused metal, gold and porcelain. At times a Maryland Bridge may be put to use for filling up the empty space of the missing teeth. Maryland Bridge if a fixed partial denture that utilizes resin-bonded denture. It makes use of a process called bonding. It is because of bonding that one does not need to use crowns.

  • Cast-Gold and Stress-Broken Bridges

Replacing a missing tooth has been done successfully for a long time with gold. High quality gold spell biocompatibility, longevity, versatility, strength and accuracy of fit. Lack of esthetics can be perceived as a disadvantage but it is not an insurmountable problem. Proper planning and execution can make gold teeth an attractive proposition.

  • Resin-Bonded, Etched Partial Dentures

Bonded bridges were used for a while but were abandoned by dentists later. Ceramic on-precious alloy was first used in an easy method wherein prior preparation of teeth is not needed. A study showed the success rate to be 92.9%. Lingual displacement can be resisted by a proximal extension. When using gerodontics, a long-term success may not be achievable.  

  • PFM Bridges

The PFM is the most common bridge type used by dentists today. A Palladium and silver or high palladium combination is commonly used. PFM’s strength allows it to be used for multiple edentulous sites with stress breakers when needed. Porcelain fracture is a possibility that one has to give allowance for. Removing the fractured porcelain is more difficult if resin cements or some such adhesives have been used.

Advantages Of Fixed Partial Dentures:

  1. It is their natural look and feel that makes them most desirable You won’t really feel much of a difference. Neither in looks nore in performing other activities that utilize the teeth.

  2. Another huge plus to these is that you do not need to take them off your mouth for cleaning purpose. Thats one major hassle which can be evaded.

Disadvantages Of Fixed Partial Dentures:

  1. Every good thing comes for a price above the normal rates. This one tends to get more expensive when compared with the removable partial dentures.

  2. The whole process takes a lot of time and sittings. It is a lot more complicated too.

  3. You need to pay a visit to your dentist every once in a while for regular check up on things.

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