Video: A Guide to Stairlifts

It’s a real impediment to a person’s quality of life not to be able to move freely around their own home due to mobility problems, but the installation of a stairlift can provide a welcome means of comfortably getting around the house. Instead of fearfully treading carefully up or down a flight of stairs, this device can transport a person from one story to another with the maximum of comfort.

Stairlifts are also highly customizable. Even if the stairs of your home contain an awkward angle, you can get a curved stairlift that will be manufactured specifically for the measurements of your stairs. It just means that you’ll pay a lot more than that you would for a conventional straight stairlift. If you have problems with your knees that make sitting down difficult, you should opt for a stairlift where you can perch rather than sit fully.

This short video from Home Healthcare Adaptations   describes the different types of stairlifts and outlines just how much of an impact they can have on the lives of people whose mobility is extremely limited.


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