What are the Different Types of Personal Protective Equipment (Infographic)

Different hazards are present in various places around the globe, especially in sites that are crowded. Being precautious will be the necessary remedy with this type of threat on people’s health, let’s take for example the environment of a construction site; construction sites are prone to different hazards like malfunctioning of equipment, chemicals that are very much exposed to workers, and worse, the establishment that they are about to build. It is only essential to equip construction workers with proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to keep them safe and be comfortable during working hours.

    PPE is an augment for hazard control, to minimize the risk of injury further. To give you more insight here are some of the protective equipment that you can use to lessen the causes of accidents in your work area:

  • Respiratory Protection – This type of protection functions to be filtering equipment or a breathing apparatus to enable them to breathe and eliminate the intake of hard materials around the working area. Workers should also be aware of how to put this equipment fluidly during times of need if the hazardous component had already spread.
  • Eye Protection – Different debris and falling objects are present in the working area. Wearing protective goggles or face shields is essential to wear around the site to protect the eyes from hazardous objects.
  • Hearing Protection – Most of the time in construction sites, the endless noise of cutting down metal and hammering is present. To eliminate the harmful effects of excessive noise, wearing ear plugs and ear muffs can do the job to help workers be at peace when doing their tasks.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should also be introduced to every worker in a manner that they can understand its purpose and mainly how it is used inside the working site. To learn more about the importance and the different types of PPE, check the infographic below created by Progressive Safety Equipment.

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