What Cause You Get Headache?

Headache sometimes make you feel terrible, or feel want to kick your head to the wall. You may feel the pain of some headaches in your head, but they do not always start here. A multitude of health problems can cause headache, including:

High blood pressure

Sudden rise in blood pressure, such as can occur during exercise may cause headache. The pain will typically be severe, throbbing and strike on both sides of the back or front of the head.

People with high blood pressure sometimes wake with headache, which wear off after they get up and get cracking. Not everyone with high blood pressure gets headaches, nor does everyone with headaches have high blood pressure; however, hypertensive people seem more susceptible to migraines and, as we have seen, medication to control blood pressure may help control headaches for some people.

Eye strain

People hit with headache often wonder if something is wrong with their eyes. Eye strain can be a cause of headache, particularly if it is caused by an imbalance of the eye muscles. This can cause a constant struggle to focus, particularly when reading, writing, watching television or driving. You may see double when you are tired and unable to control your focus. All this effort can bring on a headache centred around the eyes. If you are having problem, the obvious course is a visit to an ophthalmologist or eye doctor, who may prescribe eye exercises to tone the muscles.

Pain in the eyes of a more severe and serious kind may be caused by glaucoma, resulting from increased pressure of fluid within the eyeball. The pain, usually severe, maybe mistaken for migraine because it is centered in the eye and can radiate over the forehead.  Immediate attention is essential. If glaucoma is neglected, blindliness can result.

Low blood pressure

People suffering from diabetes or carbohydrate intolerance may have low blood sugar levels, from time to time. This can result in a slowing down of sugar supplies to the brain, which is fuelled by glucose, a sugar. It does not take kindly to the deprivation and migraines may result. Stringent dieting can have the same effect, so try not to skip meals.

Rebound headache

If you frequently take substances that cause blood vessels to contract – caffein-containing drinks like coffee, some analgesics and other medications, such as ergotamine preparations – this can cause rebound effect. The vessels “snap back” by expanding, causing headache instead of curing it. Sudden withdrawal from such substances has the same effect, which is why heavy coffee drinkers trying to quit often get headache.

It is better not to take for granted if you repeatedly attacked by headache. Seek the doctor for advice and medication for your own sake.

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