What to Do If You Have Pain in Your Knee

People often undervalue certain parts of a human body. However, we should remember that any detail of the complex structure of a human organism is responsible for an important function. On this account, it is important to be careful of health and timely cope with all possible injuries and illnesses. In this context, urgent care clinics in Brooklyn or any place of your residence are essential to support your sound condition.

Still, it is not always possible to find an immediate medical assistance. So, basic knowledge of what to do in case of a certain pain will be always useful. Today, we are going to review possible problems with knees and measures to soothe the pain.


If your knee hurts, it may be the result of an injury or arthritis. Athletes and people leading an active lifestyle are subject to knee problems during versatile sports activities. At the same time, nobody is proof against a sudden misfortune like stumble or fall on stairs. Injuring the largest joint in the body (as well as any other body part) is always horribly. Hence, you should be prepared to apply a proper solution to cope with the pain.

Dos and Don’ts


Exercising Balance

Overload, as well as too much rest, is not favorable for a knee. The joint works in combination with muscles and ligaments that should be in proper condition. Hence, try to avoid excess load on your knees and do not avoid physical exercising at all. Such sports activities as water aerobics, swimming, and stretching are the most appropriate solution to keep your knees fit.


That is not the name of a cooked cereal but an acronym of four solutions to soothe the knee pain. “R” is referred to rest, which is required even at minor discomfort in the joint. “I” is referred to ice, which should be applied to reduce swelling. “C” and “E” mean compression and elevation correspondingly. The knee should be elevated and covered with a compression bandage to make you feel better.

Cold and Heat

When you knee rests, you can apply a heating pad to prevent stiffening. However, it is advised to alternate high and low temperature for therapy. Besides, cold should be used more often within first 48 hours after the injury. Still, regardless of the applied temperature, make sure to hold it not more than 20 minutes.

Shoes and Walking Aid

It is very important to make your knees as comfortable as possible using all available means. Your shoes are the first thing to consider. The sole should be soft and shock-absorbing to mitigate stress. Besides, using accessorial tools such as crutches, as well as braces and splints, is also the way to reduce the load on your largest joints.

Bottom Line

The above-mentioned solutions are only a small relief to the knee pain. In fact, they are better to follow as preventive measures to avoid the development of chronic disease. Yet, in case of injury or feeling pain in the joint, it is highly recommended seeking for medical diagnosis. It is important to detect the problem at the early stage to evade larger troubles.

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