World Cup could effect your health

World Cup is famous sport event worldwide. There’s many fans that can’t wait to watch the sport programme. Most people need to stay up to watch the best team battle on the football field.
But beware because it could affect your health such as :-


1. Heart Attacks
– Watching the World Cup may bring heart beaten much faster especially when your favorite team play badly. How much fans have effect when Spain lost in the group and Brazil get beaten badly in semifinal?
– Powerful feelings trigger the release of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. It could speed up the heart rate and blood pressure just as physical stress does. It could meant to carry blood to the muscles faster during a stressful or exciting event.
– To break the intensify of watching a football match by talking to friends or taking a walk around the house.

– Overexcitement could physically hazardous. You may become so boisterous and knock into something and hurt.

3.Mood swings
– While you watch the game time after time, you will lack of rest and proper nutrition. It could disrupt the normal circadian rhythm of the stress hormones. This causes mood swings leading to bouts of anxiety, euphoria and crankiness. It also affects immunity levels and general health.

– Watching the game could bring despair, especially when a favorite team loses. However, it seldom leads to depression.
– The impact of the loss on one’s financial security and relationships may slowly lead to depression.

5.Back Pain
– Days and days spent slouching on the couch in front of the telly can cause back pain. The long hours put a strain on the back muscles and spine.
– One should try to keep the back as straight as possible when sitting for prolonged periods on a chair or couch.
– Another way to prevent backache is to get up and stretch the back once in a while.

6.Sleep deprivation

– Sleeping less for one or two days is generally okay as the body knows how to make up for it.
– Consecutive late nights over two to three weeks will cause you to be drowsy during the day, be less alert and have poorer attention spans.
– Sleepiness is believed to be linked to a compound called adenosine, which builds up in your blood when you use up energy. The brain senses adenosine levels in the blood and adenosine works like a messenger to tell the brain you need rest.
Sleep deprivation affects the brain most in the short run.

7.Affects your brain power
-People may also find themselves more irritable and less able to concentrate at work or in school.
-In extreme cases, sleep deprivation can trigger seizures as abnormal electrical discharges may go off in the brain.

8.Expanding waistline
– Watching a match in the dead of the night is not deemed complete without these – pizza, crisps and a carton of beer.
-However, late-night snacking can take a toll on your health and appearance.

Source :- Your Health Asia