3 Tips for Shedding Excess Pounds and Keeping Them Off

You’ve struggled with weight issues for as long as you can remember. Even as a child, you were more rotund than your peers and often found yourself on the receiving end of mean-spirited insults. Unfortunately, not much changed after entering adult life. Sure, you’re no longer the victim of vicious teasing, but you continue to suffer from severe body image issues. Additionally, being overweight has prevented you from being as physically active as you’d like and increased your risk for a plethora of health problems. Although you’ve enjoyed moderate success with dieting in the past, you were never able to keep the weight off for very long. At this point, you’re desperate for a conclusive end to your lifelong battle with obesity. Fortunately, relief from excess weight may be closer than you think. The following tips will help you say goodbye to those extra pounds once and for all.

Consider Lap Band Surgery

If other methods of weight loss have failed to generate results, it may be time to consider lap band, or “gastric banding,” surgery. This increasingly popular type of surgery entails an adjustable belt being placed around the top part of one’s stomach. The purpose of lap band surgery is to reduce the size of one’s stomach, as well as how much food it’s able to hold. Despite being a highly effective way to shed excess pounds, you’ll need to make smart dietary choices in order to maintain the effects of lap band surgery.

Attend a Support Group

These days, you can find a support group for virtually any affliction – and overeating is no exception. In addition to established staples like Weight Watchers and Overeaters Anonymous, smaller-scale groups can be found at most weight-loss clinics and community centers. By sharing your personal struggles and hearing about how others in your position have triumphed over obesity, you’ll obtain the mental tools needed to win your fight against weight gain. If you need extra help, consider asking one of the senior group members to act as your sponsor. This will ensure that you always have someone to call whenever you’re tempted to overeat or break your diet. After displaying noteworthy progress, you may be asked to sponsor newer members.

Healthy Eating and Regular Exercise

You’ve undoubtedly been lectured on the importance of healthy eating and regular exercise, but the fact of the matter is that they truly work. When looking for ways to stave off weight gain, none are more effective than diet and exercise. In addition to eating a diet rife with fruits, vegetables and grains, it’s imperative that you practice portion control. Even healthy foods can cause weight gain in large enough doses. Furthermore, make sure to exercise for 30 minutes at least three days a week. If you’re unaccustomed to working out, there’s no need to push yourself too hard. Light cardio, swimming and strength training exercises should be enough to give you a satisfactory workout.

With a record number of Americans struggling with obesity, excess weight has become an epidemic in the U.S. As processed foods become less healthy and waistlines continue to expand, maintaining a healthy weight has become more important than ever.If you’re tired of fighting an uphill battle against weight gain, consider getting lap band surgery, attending an obesity support group, altering your eating habits and beginning a manageable exercise regimen.

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