Helping Your Elderly Parent Make New Friends

When you were growing up, your dad was about as outgoing as people got. Seldom did your old man pass up a chance to go out with friends, meet new people or engage in unfamiliar experiences. Furthermore, he always encouraged his children to do the same. In fact, it’s thanks to your father’s shining influence that you were able to blossom into such a social butterfly. However, in the years since your mother’s passing, your dad has essentially been living in self-imposed isolation. Outside of errands and the occasional family gathering, he almost never leaves the house. Not wanting to see your old man live out his sunset years in seclusion, you’ve resolved to help him make some new friends. Although this may seem like a daunting task, there are a number of simple ways to go about it. If you need lawyer’s help with medicaid planning, you can get it from here!

Have His Hearing Examined

One of the biggest detriments to your father’s social wellbeing is his inability to hear properly. No one enjoys having a conversation with someone for whom they have to repeat everything multiple times. These days, it seems like you have to raise your voice if you want your old man to have any idea what you’re saying. If his own son is bothered by his diminished hearing, it’s a safe bet that people he barely knows will be far less patient and accommodating. With this in mind, book your father an appointment at a renowned hearing loss clinic. After being examined by a trained audiologist, your dad will be prescribed a hearing aid that’s perfectly suited to his particular form of hearing loss. Equipped with a state-of-the-art hearing aid, your old man will once again be able to effortlessly carry on a conversation.

Encourage Him to Spend Time at a Local Senior Center

Now that your father has taken measures to improve his deteriorated hearing, it’s time to get him back out into the world. If he’s expressed a desire to connect with people in his age bracket, bring him to a local senior center. These places provide senior citizens with an abundance of fun activities and act as socialization centers for elderly individuals. Spending a few hours at a senior center each day will offer your old man unlimited opportunities for friend-making and enable him to spend his time productively.

Get Him Involved With Volunteer Work

If your father is interested in meeting new people while giving back to the community, encourage him to get involved with volunteer work. Most soup kitchens, thrift stores, churches and schools are always on the hunt for willing volunteers. People with an irrepressible soft spot for animals are sure to enjoy volunteering their time at rescue shelters. Alternatively, if your dad was a serviceman, he might enjoy helping out at a local veterans’ hospital.

Isolating oneself from society is a problem that’s surprisingly common amongst widowed seniors. Unfortunately, the longer a person stays in the funk of social isolation, the more difficult it is to pull him out. By utilizing the previously discussed pointers, you can help even the most secluded senior make new friends and regain his long-neglected social skills.

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