5 Methods that will keep You Motivated for Training and Workout

Now, who amongst us doesn’t have a busy schedule? Following fitness routine and working out is something you have to fit into your schedule rather than do in your free time. When you start half-heartedly, you also tend to leave midway and then weep about being unhealthy. Fortunately for you, it really isn’t that difficult to stay motivated:

Stop Making Excuses

A busy work life, kids, studies; almost everything can be considered an excuse. When you have to work out, you change your perspective. You need to prioritize your health because of your work, studies, children; nothing can prosper if you start being unhealthy all of a sudden.

Make your fitness training a part of your daily routine and set a time aside for it. Even if you start off for only fifteen minutes; if you are motivated, your time will eventually get longer.

Set a Goal

Whether you want to lose weight, inches, gain weight or muscle mass, you need to set a goal before you begin. Something like fitting into a size 8 instead of a size 12, losing 50 pounds or building your abdominal muscles will work just fine.

If you start working out without setting a goal, you will eventually lose motivation since you will not have anything to work towards. It is proven through extensive research that you are more likely to stay motivated when you have a goal to work towards.

Keep Track of Your Progress

Let us assume you want to lose 30 pounds. What you do is, weigh yourself on every Sunday after working out throughout the week. Eventually, you will start to see progress which will actually motivate you to work harder.

Most of us try to visually measure the difference after we start working out. We get demotivated when we don’t see a difference even though it is quite evident internally. This is why it is necessary to keep track appropriately.

Change Your Routine

It has also been scientifically proven that when you regularly change your work out and training routine, you get more and more motivated to work out. You also see better results in your workout sessions when you change your routine after every few weeks. So try to not stick to a single regimen for too long or you’ll get bored and lose motivation.


This may come as a surprise, but many kinds of massages actually tone you to be more physically active as well. This is a great benefit of massage therapy and can be attributed to forms like a Thai massage. So if you ever feel demotivated and depressed about it, check yourself into a massage parlor and start your work out!


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