8 Memory Loss Cause

Memory Loss is one of main problem especially for under age people. It is one of sign to get Alzheimer. But there’s 8 conditions of memory loss but not related to Alzheimer :-
Memory loss
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1. Depression – Are you get depression? Depression can cause memory loss because of the low levels of serotonin connected to the arousal system. You will have problem to concentrate and focus. It will effect the ability to store new memories. There’s a group that always get depression such as older adults, caregivers and people with dementia. After get treatment, the memory problem often disappear.

2. Chronic stress – Your body will get a biochemical changes when have stress. It will result your cells lose and trouble forming new neuron. This problem will cause memory loss.

3. Medications – There’s drugs that could effect system and interfere the brain cells to communicate. It will effect on your memory especially if you take over prescription.

4. Malfunctioning thyroid – When you in hypothyroidism, there’s lack of sufficient thyroid hormone. It could regulates metabolism and make it runs slowly. It will cause cognitive problem and effect your memory.

5. Pregnancy or menopause – In this phase, there’s change in oestrogen levels. In that time, women tend to be distracted by other intense symptoms. Distraction will adds to become a memory loss symptoms.

6. Excessive drinking РAlcohol can damage the liver and kidneys. Heavy drinking also effect of brain impairment. It will shrink frontal lobe and  intellectual function especially those involved in memory.

7. Concussion/head injury. Trauma in head could effect brain. Traumatic brain injury (TMI) could slam your brain tissue that make memory loss. The damage on the head will causes more widespread problems.

8. Normal ageing. As we know, people will loss memory after getting older. It is occasional forgetfulness does tend to increase as we get older.

Source : Yahoo Health

It is the common cause of memory loss. Are you have the symptoms of memory loss? If yes, find an expert before it become more serious problem.

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