Creative Ways to Help Your Child Lose Weight

How to make a child lose weight without even being aware of it? This is a question that most parents ask themselves. In today’s era of tablets, computers, internet and video games, it is very hard to motivate a child to become physically active and to spend some energy. Children always seek constant fun and working out just does not seem like the right sort of entertainment. It is very important to try and motivate children to become physically active through playing. And this is how to do exactly that:




The first thing that parents need to pay attention to is the diet and the sort of the food the child is eating. No exercise can be effective if the child has unbalanced and unhealthy meals. This is where you step in. The child does not have any income and is not responsible for buying the groceries; you are the ones that are providing the food. Cut back on unhealthy snacks and commit yourself to making healthy snacks. Of course, even here, you should not go in extremes.



One of the most important things when it comes to proper dieting is a fair amount of liquid intake. This means encouraging the child to always have a bottle of water by his side. Also, try to avoid juice and other processed beverages. Substitute this with fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies instead.


Trampoline Fitness

 This is a great way to make a child lose some weight through playing and without him even knowing. There is no child that does not enjoy hoping on a trampoline. Do you know that 10 minutes of hoping has the same effect as running for half an hour? There is an option of purchasing a home trampoline, but there is a possibility that the child will soon lose interest for it and that it will eventually end up in the basement. Of course, those kinds of trampolines are not quite safe and there is a risk of injuries. That is why it is important to keep track of your child’s exercise and to take him, two days a week, in a special fitness centre with quality and safe trampolines. Those kind of venues can also be a great party venue for kids, which is very popular lately, and also quite useful. There are all kinds of trampoline based games which are growing in popularity among children.


Family Time


 Family excursions somewhere in the nature are also one of the options. Organize long walks, at least once a week. The best option would be to choose some hilly landscapes. Bring with you some fresh fruits, healthy snacks and plenty of water, and if the child starts complaining, offer him a rest and a healthy meal.


Different Activities

 Try to motive your child to start practicing different fun activities that may or may not be sports related. Riding a bike is always a great way to have fun but also to spend some energy as well. Rollerblades, hula hoops and rope skipping are also some options that may be pleasing to your child. Yoga and bouncing balls have shown to be quite interesting to children of all ages.


The best way to make a child physically active is through fun and games. There is no need to force children into sports and other activities that are not pleasing to them. There are a lot of ways for them to indulge in exercise and lose weight without ever realizing it. The best way to do this is by setting a right example and with a right kind of motivation.


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