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Do you have trouble in sleeping? Can’t sleep at night even turn off the light?
Lack of sleep is one of problem that affects some of people. This sleep deprivation can cause problem especially during day. For those who get this problem, you must take action to solve it. It is bad for others and your health. This is some basic tips to those who have sleep deprivation :-


1. Consult with expertise. You must get advice and medicine from doctor. Never buy any medicine without recommendation from doctor.
2. Watch the activity before sleep. Don’t exercise an hour before going to bad. Avoid coffee cigarette and sugar.
3. Free from stress. Stress can give bad affection to your sleep. Don’t stay up all night thinking about problem. Relax and have a sweet dream.
4. Manage your time. Most people don’t have enough sleep because time management. They don’t give enough time for sleep. As we know the best amount is around 6 hours to get best sleep. Less than that give bad effect on our health. Sleep is for recharge our energy so we must schedule it.
5. Create a better environment in your bed. Make sure the bed is suitable for your size and comfortable. Get a clean curtain instead using with dust curtain.

Researchers found the sleep duration has shortened in western societies in the past decade and it increase in cases of “insulin resistance” and adult-onset diabetes. The findings from Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM), showed that partial sleep reduced insulin sensitivity almost 19 percent. Maybe some of us don’t know definition of insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity is one measure of one’s risk for heart disease. It has a formula to count the sensitivity as below :-

1. Your weight (lbs.) / 4 =_____ units
2. Your total daily insulin dose (all insulins) =_____ units
People slept less than six hours likely to get abnormal blood than normal sleep. Their sugar reading will increased compared in six years before.


Watch this tips video..

Hope this video help people that have this problem

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