How Does Yoga Helps to Improve Memory?

The acceleration of Yoga’s popularity has left this globe stunned. With the pervasive degradation of global health index, the amplification of Yoga was always on the card. The empire of yogic benefits is being recognized with each passing day. From body fitness to muscles building and from mental calmness to pain relief, Yoga helps in every walk of life. There is hardly anything that Yoga can’t do to improve you as a person. Studies have shown how Yoga contributes heavily to strengthening the memory power of a person.

Memory: how does it work?


Google defines ‘memory’ as a faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information. By the virtue of the fact that the brain is interconnected to each and every cell of the body, it doesn’t need to be mentioned that the storage capacity of the mind depends on the overall body health. Although the primary factor in leading a better memory power is the mental health, proper working of every body part is must to ensure the memory functions smoothly. After all, a healthy body can only bear a healthy brain. This means every asana you practice enhances the mental ability. But there are many Yoga poses that are particularly impressive in bettering the retention potential of the brain. Let’s look at a few of them:

  • Meditation: Meditation is undoubtedly the best practice for every issue related to the mind. The practice gives immense calmness and fetches you in a state where there is no one but you and your God. Meditation is all about concentration and focus which lack in a majority of people living in this contaminated environment. Meditation in the morning blesses us with enormous peace and releases all kinds of stress-causing agents in the body.
  • Padahastasana: Padahastasana is the standing forward bend. The pose is very easy to practice with standing erect and bending forward in such a way that the nose faces your knees and palms under the feet. This pose is extremely influential in strengthening the nervous system and advancing the blood-flow in the brain. Communication of the brain with other parts of the body attains perfection when Padahastasana is practiced routinely.
  • Sarvangasana: Not many are able to competently perform this without rigorous training. The Shoulder Stand Pose ensures no mental disease affects the body. It creates equilibrium in reaching the blood to the skull and gives relief from various diseases like insomnia, fatigue, tensions, etc. Additionally, the shoulder becomes sturdy and the whole body posture gets improved that helps people look confident.
  • Pranayama: Pranayama is a breathing Yoga practice. The whole essence of Pranayama is pivoted on the art of breathing which is the core of all the metabolic activities of the body. To perform to its full potential, the brain needs a pure and efficient flow of air, which is conveyed by Pranayama. It channelizes the mind with every part of the body by pure oxygen helping the mind become aware of every action within the body.

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According to a research, Brazilian researchers have found that Yoga changes and improves the structure of your brain. Numerous surveys have been conducted on Yoga’s efficiency in enhancing the brain power. Each of these studies shows how Yoga multiplies the cognitive functions of the brain that helps it store any information for a longer duration. The reasons given by the scientists are astonishing. During Yoga, every part of our body is busy with a work or other with a common goal of practicing the asana with perfection. A number of activities are happening at a time- physical workout, body balance, internal metabolism, etc., with each action being connected to the breath. The amount of concentration a practitioner puts while indulging in the asanas enables the brain to stay firm and healthy. It is advised not to waste your energy anywhere but in Yoga for you to get your efforts paid back in the form of natural, undefined benefits.

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