New year resolutions without stress?

The 2012 had arrived. The new year do not complete without a new resolution. During this time, many are evaluating the performance of the old resolutions. Of course then you would have thought a new determination. When reading a magazine recently, it was surprising when an article says the new year resolutions can cause stress. According to the article, there is a study of this issue in the United Kingdom is committed by a non-governmental institution called Mind. The study report says the new year resolutions makes us focus on self harm, finding errors and ugliness over the future. It is said to be not good for the future. The report says, new year resolution is not good for mental health because we will be filled with only the negative things.

This in turn causes a person to feel stressed or depressed. In the meantime, the old determination still does not show progress and repetition.

How true this fact?

This fact can not be 100 percent authentic and reliable because we are different individuals thought their social interactions and background on their lives.

In addition each person is surrounded by the same group of people and can affect a person’s life and thought.

If an individual has a new, more focused determination to get success, he will not turn towards the fact that more of finding errors. But he will use it to improve what the weaknesses and errors that have occurred. Only the person who looks disappointed to harm themselves.

Determination means ambition, perseverance, courage and self-certainty is convince yourself for the future more secure, happy and cheerful.

In the meantime, a mental health does not depend on the times of the new year for example, middle or end of the year.

Meaning, do not recognize stress caused by time.

It depends more on the survival of which occurred in a community living in the association.

For example, at the time of the Millennium or the new era now, a lot of things happened.

Many things change as our thinking is also in accordance with these changes so that not too backward or forward. Only possible if a person is unable to satisfy the needs of the surrounding, stress will occur. If not checked, it can lead to mental health terjejasnya.

Mental Health

So the new year is not a marker for the beginning of what is good for mental health.
In general, new year resolutions have advantages and disadvantages to the mental one.
Benefits, there is a more focused goal lead to strategic planning depends on the facilities and capabilities available themselves.
Good or bad, with a determination which has been planted in the early years makes one more confident about what to do.

The disadvantage of the new year resolutions, it is likely it will lead to much planning to be affecting the daily routine of life.
This will cause the individual has duties or responsibilities that too much. Enough to do in that year refers to other responsibilities, time and circumstances. Sometimes too many resolutions can lead to disappointment if all the resolutions can not be achieved at the end of the year. When a person feel frustrated, it will cause stress.
This is because when we say the resolution new year we often associate it with the same year unless stated, “I resolve this in two years to be the best for myself.”

p/s :- wish you happy new year and hopefully the 2012 bring more happines and our body get better and better..

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