Office Exercises You Can Do Secretly


The majority of us have the same work day routine. We get into our offices, sit behind our desk and never stand up until the working day is over unless we go to the toilet or to grab a cup of coffee or a sandwich. Everything is within our hands’ reach and there really is no need for going anywhere. However, this motionless manner of operation soon takes a toll on our health. The only solution is regular exercise during working hours. These will only take a couple of minutes without anyone else really noticing you’re doing them.

Simple stretches


Get your blood pumping and your muscles in tension by doing a series of simple stretches. Start by tilting your head towards your shoulders, alternating sides every 10 seconds. Next, loosen up the shoulders by rolling them back and forth 10 times. Now, extend one arm and use the other to pull its fingers up and down and hold them like that for three to four seconds. Alternate arms and repeat three times. Finally, lift one foot off the floor and straighten the leg. Flex the ankle with the fingers pointing up, then down. Alternate legs and repeat three times.

Take a walk


How many times have you sent an email or a memo to a colleague one floor down instead of handing the documents in person? Sitting all day can be much more dangerous than it is usually thought. Walk down the hall and up and down the stairs instead and get those leg muscles working. Soon enough it will stop being an exercise and become a healthy habit, plus you will get to have a talk with your work buddies and get to know them better.

Leg raising

One of the most efficient exercises for improving the blood flow in the lower extremities is leg raising. Another bonus is that various executions can be performed under the desk without being noticeable even from up-close. For example, while seated you can extend one or both legs and hold them in such position for a couple of seconds. Several repetitions a day will make a huge difference. On the other hand, whenever you are up for a challenge, do a couple of seated crunches.

A plank or two is all you need

Planks are one of the most beneficial simple exercises . There are dozens of ways to perform them but every single one practically involves almost all muscles. The longer it lasts, the harder it is, so you can adjust the intensity to your current shape. The only thing you need is such office furniture arrangement and commercial fitout that leaves sufficient space to do a plank. The rest is up to you and the strength of your will.

Stand up and more

Various researches showed that short periods of simple standing up from the office seat make a world of difference when it comes to posture and core muscle tone. To spice things up and make the standing up periods even more efficient enrich them with calf rises. Therefore, whenever you are standing up, for example to make a coffee or print something, press up on your toes, make a pause for around 5 seconds and then lower down. Repeat this in two series for 10 to 12 times. When you feel like pushing the limits, do this with one leg only.

Incorporating these simple exercises into your office routine will make an enormous difference to the way you used to feel after a working day. Also, it will add a veil of mystery to your personality because no one in the office will be quite clear about how you did it. Let them in on it after a while and make your office a healthier environment in every way.

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