Peary Profits

Pear, a fruit as crunchy as apple and as juicy as peach also rich in health benefits, are available around the year especially from the end of June to February, depending on the variety. They have paper-thin skins which are not easy to peel and come in different colours like yellow, green, brown, red, or a combination of any of these colours. Pears have a great nutritional and health value.

  1. Vitamin K, vitamin c and copper in pear fight against radicals that may harm our body cells.
  2. Fibres in pears decrease level of cholesterol in our body hence decreasing probability of heart diseases and strokes.
  3. Pears also prevent colon cancer and breast cancer to a large extent.
  4. When compared to other fruits, pears are a lot safer fruit in terms of allergic reactions.
  5. Even though pears are sweet, they have high fibre and low glycerin index that controls sugar level in blood.
  6. High in antioxidants, pears boost our immune system.
  7. Pears are rich in boron, which helps in absorption of calcium hence strengthening our bones. It also helps in maintaining pH balance of our body.
  8. Pears have high glucose content which is absorbed very quickly, giving you a shot of instant energy.
  9. Needless to say high fibre content in pear helps in strengthening of our digestive system.
  10. If you are pregnant or willing to get pregnant, pears are a ready dose of folic acid. It also keeps your baby safe from any birth defects.
  11. Since pears are hypoallergenic and low acidic fruits, it is recommended for children who have just left breastfeeding. You can be peel, heat and then puree this fruit. But it should not be given to kids with diarrhoea.
  12. Pears help to prevent gout, colitis, arthritis and gallbladder problems if taken regularly.
  13. Anti-oxidants and Anti-carcinogen glutathione present in pear helps in controlling blood pressure.
  14. It has a cooling effect; hence it is good for fever.
  15. Pears help to reduce inflammation of arthritis and other such problems because they have anti-inflammation properties.
  16. In summers, heat results in shortness of breath, in both adults and children, pears are good for them.
  17. All those fibres in pear make your skin smooth and soft and prevent it from damages.
  18. Pears keep wrinkles away with its antioxidants.
  19. Make a paste of pear and honey for making face mask to treat oily skin.
  20. Pears have high levels of essential vitamins as well as minerals. They can boost immunity and make stronger internally hence making you to fight against pimples, acne, and all other skin infections from within the body.
  21. Natural humectants in pears help your skin in retaining water thus keeping you moisturized for long.
  22. Ripe pears contain ‘sorbitol’ or ‘glucitol’ that gives food to the hair roots, nourishes the scalp and also keeps the hair moisturized to make it strong.
  23. Vitamin C, which works as a natural antioxidant, helps in keeping hair strands conditioned by maintaining the health of the hair cells.

If these are not enough reasons for you to deliver fruit basket as gift, there are more advantages, a really long list that I may list to you.

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