The Most Popular Fitness Trends in All 50 States

What fitness crazes are sweeping your state? Check out this list of the most popular fitness trends by state to see if you’re one of the majority.

Americans are pretty passionate about staying fit, but trends take their time working their way across the country. Whether we’re sweating through a one-hour Orangetheory workout, learning Israeli hand-to-hand combat by way of Krav Maga or pedaling away hundreds of calories at SoulCycle, Americans in different states tackle fitness in some really creative – and sometimes off-the-wall (literally) – ways.

We’ve put together a list of the hottest fitness trend in each state and D.C. by analyzing several factors so you know what your neighbors are up to. Yoga, Crossfit, and Peloton are among the most popular workouts in nearly every state, but some are hotbeds of Clubbercise (dancing like nobody’s watching), Jukari (a Cirque du Soleil-inspired workout) and Goat Yoga (which is exactly what it sounds like: yoga with baby goats).

Fitness Trends in Alabama: Bodybuilding

In Alabama, pumping iron is the way to go. People are starting to jump on the Orangetheory train, and Pilates is holding strong.

Fitness Trends in Alaska: Yoga

Yoga is the most popular workout for Alaskans, but like it is in Alabama, Orangetheory is gaining a lot of traction on The Last Frontier.

Fitness Trends in Arizona: Krav Maga

From Phoenix to Tucson, Arizonans are hitting the Krav Maga studios in droves to learn Israeli hand-to-hand combat techniques and burn up to 600 calories an hour.

Fitness Trends in Arkansas: Crossfit

Crossfit is the main mode of fitness in Arkansas, but aerial yoga is popular in Little Rock, the state’s densely populated capital.

Fitness Trends in California: SoulCycle

SoulCycle is where it’s at in California, but dance fitness workouts – including Zumba – are really popular, particularly in smaller cities.

Fitness Trends in Colorado: Orangetheory

Colorado is a hotspot for the super-high-intensity, 60-minute workouts Orangetheory provides, which beats yoga by a tiny margin as the preferred path to fitness in the state.

Fitness Trends in Connecticut: Crossfit and Peloton

Crossfit and Peloton classes are tied as the two most popular workouts in Connecticut.

Fitness Trends in Delaware: Pilates

People in Delaware are psyched about Pilates, but they’re also sweating off the pounds through Zumba and Jukari Fly Fitness.

Fitness Trends in Florida: Aerial Yoga

Most of Florida’s major cities, from Tampa to Miami, have incredibly popular aerial yoga classes. Exotic fitness is also trending, which is a narrow subset of dance fitness.

Fitness Trends in Georgia: Fitness Apps

Georgians set record numbers for Google searches for “fitness apps,” so in addition to hitting the gym, they’re rocking their own workouts at home.

Fitness Trends in Hawaii: Celebrity Workouts and Hooping

Hawaiians keep things trendy by following proven celebrity workouts and hooping – an intense, hour-long ab workout that can burn up to 400 calories an hour.

Fitness Trends in Idaho: Crossfit

In Idaho, Crossfit is by far the most popular workout trend – but Orangetheory is right behind it, bringing droves of high-intensity junkies into the fold.

Fitness Trends in Illinois: SoulCycle

Chicago is the place to be if you’re into SoulCycle, Jillian Michaels workouts or Clubbercise (or all three), which are popular all over Illinois.

Fitness Trends in Indiana: ARX

ARX (short for adaptive resistance exercise), which uses computer-controlled, motorized resistance to shorten workout time and maximize impact, is really popular in Indiana. (NASA also uses ARX machines as part of astronauts’ training programs.)

Fitness Trends in Iowa: Daily Burn

Iowans get their fitness fixes from Daily Burn, a streaming service that lets users choose the perfect workout with live, experienced trainers.

Fitness Trends in Kansas: HIIT and LISS

Kansas is divided between high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, and low-intensity steady state training, or LISS, which includes jogging, trampoline-jumping and stair-climbing.

Fitness Trends in Kentucky: Tabata

Tabata, a form of HIIT training that consists of eight rounds of 20 seconds “on” and 10 seconds “off” exercises, is where it’s at in Kentucky – except in Louisville, where hooping is more popular.

Fitness Trends in Louisiana: AcroYoga

All over Louisiana, beginners and experts are coming together in acrobatic partner yoga (AcroYoga for short) because it’s the latest-and-greatest way to de-stress and increase mobility.

Fitness Trends in Maine: Daily Burn

Daily Burn, the latest-and-greatest streaming trend, is just as popular in Maine as it is in Iowa.

Fitness Trends in Maryland: Krav Maga

Krav is sweeping across Maryland and available in a few different formats at martial arts dojos and MMA studios across the state.

Fitness Trends in Massachusetts: SoulCycle

In addition to yoga and Crossfit, the two most popular workouts in Massachusetts, SoulCycle is attracting thousands of people from Boston to Cambridge.

Fitness Trends in Michigan: Tabata and Daily Burn

Tabata and Daily Burn are tied in Michigan overall for the hottest workouts, but Tabata takes the lead in Ann Arbor while Daily Burn is more popular in Detroit.

Fitness Trends in Minnesota: Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga, which combines traditional yoga, Pilates, dance and a hammock, is a huge deal in Minnesota.

Fitness Trends in Mississippi: MetCon

Short for metabolic conditioning, MetCon is a high-intensity workout that’s often used in Crossfit and Orangetheory – and it’s incredibly popular all over the state.

Fitness Trends in Missouri: TRX

TRX suspension training, which is based on seven basic movements, is Missouri’s thing, Workouts range from easy for beginners to super-tough for professional athletes.

Fitness Trends in Montana: Foam Roller Workouts

Foam rolling was just a warmup, but now it’s an entire workout regimen in Montana, where group fitness classes for rollers abound.

Fitness Trends in Nebraska: Back Workouts

Baby got back – actual back – in Nebraska, where people are lining up for specific muscle-group workouts to ditch flab (ab workouts earn an honorable mention in Omaha, specifically).

Fitness Trends in Nevada: AcroYoga

Acrobatic yoga is sizzling from the Strip to Reno, where practitioners perform a huge range of acrobatic moves in strength and endurance training.

Fitness Trends in New Hampshire: Jump Rope Workouts and Goat Yoga

People in New Hampshire are on the prowl for new jump rope workout routines, but perhaps more importantly, they’re doing goat yoga. Ordinary yoga + baby goats = big win.

Fitness Trends in New Jersey: TRX

TRX is incredibly popular in The Garden State, which is teeming with boutique studios offering other HIIT workouts such as Orangetheory and Crossfit.

Fitness Trends in New Mexico: 22-Day Ab Workout

People all over the Land of Enchantment are rocking the 22-Day Ab Workout to melt away muffin tops.

Fitness Trends in New York: SoulCycle

Manhattan is a SoulCycle mecca, but all over New York State, yoga and its variants – aerial yoga, rope yoga and Bikram – are extremely popular.

Fitness Trends in North Carolina: Aerial Yoga

North Carolinians are swinging and swaying in aerial yoga (also known as anti-gravity yoga) studios all over the state.

Fitness Trends in North Dakota: Crossfit

Crossfit is the clear winner for workout trends in North Dakota, where there’s at least one studio in every major city from Bismarck to Grand Forks.

Fitness Trends in Ohio: Circuit Training

In Ohio, circuit training with high-intensity aerobics is the most popular path to a healthy heart, BMI and body weight.

Fitness Trends in Oklahoma: Pound Workout

Founded by a pair of drummers, the Pound Workout is a combination of Pilates, isometric movements and plyometrics that uses lightweight “drumsticks” to send calories packing, and it’s one of the most popular workouts in Oklahoma.

Fitness Trends in Oregon: Total Fitness

The Total Fitness workout, based on practical strength training exercises, is gaining steam all over Portland, while several variations of yoga dominate the rest of the state.

Fitness Trends in Pennsylvania: Aerial Yoga

The Keystone State is packed with aerial yoga practitioners – the workouts are designed to strengthen your core and improve flexibility.

Fitness Trends in Rhode Island: TRX

Although Zumba is still going strong in Rhode Island, TRX is the trend sweeping the state right now.

Fitness Trends in South Carolina: Dumbbell Leg Workouts

South Carolinians shred their thighs and calves with dumbbell leg workouts before heading to Krav Maga classes, which are gaining students in record numbers.

Fitness Trends in South Dakota: HIIT Workouts

In South Dakota, high-intensity interval training (similar to what you see in Crossfit or Orangetheory) is incredibly popular.

Fitness Trends in Tennessee: TRX

TRX workouts are more popular than foam roller workouts are in Nashville, but it’s the opposite in Memphis.

Fitness Trends in Texas: Bodybuilding

Texans are weightlifting and bodybuilding like crazy, but in the major cities, TRX and AcroYoga are always busy classes.

Fitness Trends in Utah: Total Fitness

Total Fitness classes that focus on physical, nutritional, mental and social fitness are the most popular cardio workouts in Utah.

Fitness Trends in Vermont: TRX

Vermont isn’t immune to TRX’s draw – people from Burlington to Essex Junction are going full-throttle in these high-intensity workouts.

Fitness Trends in Virginia: Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga and swimming workouts are the fastest-growing fitness trends in Virginia (yoga is more popular in cities like Alexandria, while people are diving head-first into water fitness classes in Virginia Beach).

Fitness Trends in Washington, D.C.: SoulCycle

People are powering through SoulCycle workouts all over the nation’s capital, but TRX and AcroYoga are almost as popular as these bike-based workouts are.

Fitness Trends in Washington State: LISS Cardio

Low-intensity, steady state cardio is where it’s at in Washington State, where jogging and trampoline workouts are in full swing.

Fitness Trends in West Virginia: Fitness Apps

People in West Virginia are downloading thousands of fitness apps covering everything from HIIT and ab exercises to jump rope workouts and back exercises.

Fitness Trends in Wisconsin: 7-Minute Workout

The 7-Minute Workout, which covers 12 high-intensity bodyweight exercises at 30 seconds a pop, is trending in Wisconsin.

Fitness Trends in Wyoming: Orangetheory

Wyoming is all about Orangetheory, a high-intensity workout similar to Crossfit, but they’re also searching for specific fitness equipment (we’re looking at you, ThighMaster).


We put together this list of the hottest fitness trends across the country by evaluating several factors, including the number of Google searches performed each month in each state, how many times each workout was mentioned in blogs, newspaper articles and fitness journals, and how many gyms and fitness centers offering each workout are located in major cities.

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