Tips for wearing Invisalign braces

Invisalign offers people of all ages the opportunity to straighten their smile through what is a discreet andcomfortable orthodontic treatment. This is a step up from the metal braces that many of us know from our younger days and does not include any metal wires or brackets. The treatment includes a series of aligners that must be worn for around 22 hours each day. Each aligner is near to invisible, removable and will not irritate the gums. If you are about to get Invisalign braces, or if you are wearing them and need some advice, the following tips will be helpful:

Receiving your Invisalign aligners

When you first receive your Invisalign aligners it is a good idea to give them a thorough clean. Also, make sure that you ask your dentist about any parts of the treatment that you are unsure about. Still, if issues do arise in the future your dentist and their staff should be happy to accommodate your needs.

Inserting the aligners

Because the aligners are not fitted in the same manner as metal braces,many patients can become confused about the best method to put them in. To properly insert the aligners use the tips of your fingers to softlymanoeuvre the aligners onto your front teeth and then move the aligners to your left and right molar.The main thing is to make sure that the aligners sit fully – once again, ask your Invisalign dentist if you are unsure about this.

Removing Invisalign aligners

Removal of aligners can also pose a problem for people who are undergoing Invisalign treatment, as they do not want to harm the aligners and hinder the progress of their treatment. However, removing the aligners is as simple as using your fingertips to firstly lift them off your molars and then off your front teeth; basically a reverse of inserting the aligners.

Living with Invisalign

There are certain aspects of the treatment that must be followed if you are to gain beneficial results: make sure that you wear Invisalign for around 22 hours per day and that you stick to this schedule; remove the aligners when eating, drinking and cleaning your teeth; and stick to the timetable of wearing each aligner for two weeks before moving to the next in the series.

Successful results

These tips will make your route to a straighter smile easier, but if you have any questions or concerns about the Invisalign treatment process,then you are advised to visit your dentist and receive professional advice.

This guest article is provided by Liverpool dentists Ollie & Darsh who offer the latest general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic teeth straightening treatments.

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