Why workout at gym but not losing weight

There are some people go to gym but not losing their weight. They blame on gym company and instructor but don’t they know that are others method you must do other than workout in gym. Most of us them maybe get this mistakes.

Group of People Cycling at Gym

1. Undisciplined diet. You must have a stabile dieting to ensure that your stomach just get the proper meals. More waste meal means nothing for your workout. Avoid carbonate drinks and drink more fresh water.
2. Your target is unrealistic. Set realistic target see your body change as you work to meet your goals. Don’t think your activities at gym can make you losing more in short times. Mostly the losing not good in first month. Maybe it just decreased below 10 pounds.
3. Inconsistent in workout. This is very hard to do especially if you never go gym before. There’s no guarantee you workout for 30 minutes per week and be fit. You must have schedule and consistently follow.
4. Go to gym that don’t have certificate. There are many gym classes that are not having suitable equipment. It is very dangerous because you can get hurt. Always go to the gym that having expertise instructor. It is important to use gym equipment you need somebody that know how to handle it. Not just using, they also known which equipment suitable with your bodies. Just doing workout without knowledge won’t help you to achieve the target to lose weight.

5.  Don’t have plan. If you want go to gym you must set your target. Don’t just go workout and hope your body can be slim. Get a simple target to do workout. Don’t try to hard. Go slowly and after that you can consistently using the equipment.


That’s some big cause why you don’t lose as your target. Let’s get motivated and you will reached your target to become slimmer than ever.

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