Tips to choosing a gym or fitness centre

Fitness Centre

To get healthy body, we need to exercise. It is better to exercise at gym or fitness centre because they will guide you in proper ways. This is some of benefits of joining a gym and fitness centre :-


Fitness Centre

  • Access to good quality exercise equipment
  • Access to qualified support staff who can help you plan and achieve your goals
  • Access to a large variety of equipment and exercise types
  • Opportunities to make new friends
  • Opportunities for us to learn more about exercise, nutrition, healthy living and ourselves
  • A motivational atmosphere
  • A comfortable and safe exercise environment
  • Opportunities to formalize our exercise routine so that it becomes a habit

Eventhough it give benefit to your health, there’s so many thing you must know before joining the gym or fitness centre such as :-

  • Is the location of the fitness centre convenient?
  • Do their opening hours suit you?
  • What is the makeup of most of the clientele (e.g. all women, mixed, fitness and weight loss interested or body builders, younger or older, etc)?
  • Is there enough equipment and equipment of the right type for you?
  • Are there showers, hairdryers, free parking, lockers, etc?
  • What sort of classes do they offer, e.g. Yoga, Pilates, boxercise, etc?
  • Are there different types of memberships available and if so, what do each cover?
  • Are there child care facilities available?
  • Is there a pool for swimming and water aerobics classes?
  • Is the equipment fairly new and in good condition?
  • What are the rules (e.g. toweling down equipment after use)?
  • Is there a water fountain available?
  • Do class timetables suit your needs?
  • Are there time limits for equipment at busy times?
  • How often will I get a fitness assessment?
  • Are there personal trainers available if I want one?
  • Are the staff friendly and helpful?
  • How closely the fitness centre will I be monitored initially?
  • How many members are there and how long has the gym or fitness centre been in business?
  • Can I freeze or transfer your membership?
  • Are discounts available for members who want to train in off-peak times?
  • What insurance cover does the centre have in case you are involved in an accident?
  • Does the centre offer a variety of payment options?
  • What types of personal consulting services are available (e.g. are there nutrition consultants)?
  • Is the facility equipped to handle health and other emergencies?
  • Can I have a one-week complimentary pass?
  • Can I workout as a casual member for a while paying for each visit?
  • Are there signs or poster near the equipment that explain how to use it?
  • Is the facility kept at a comfortable temperature, and does it have good air circulation, either through the use of fans or some other kind of air circulating system?
  • Does the facility belong to a professional association?
  • Does the facility have a resident dietitian who can prepare diets for you?
  • Am I comfortable here?


That’s a question need to answer before you officially joining the gym or personal centre. Make a list and get the answer.. If the answer is positive than you can choose the gym.

Another Tips to choosing a gym:-

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