Women’s Biggest Eating Mistake

Eating is one of big problem in women health. Some of them overtake and some of them are undertake. Other than that, the meals that eat are not healthy. This is the list of women’s biggest eating mistakes :-

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Women’s Biggest Eating Mistake

1. Eat too much sodium. Okay maybe some of you don’t know about sodium but it is contain from salt. Most of the sodium comes from restaurant meals and processed foods. To avoid this, you need to eat more fresh foods or prepare food yourself at home. You need to know how much salt goes in your meal and reduce consumption of packaged food such as canned product.
2. Sugar intake is high. According to American Heart Association, women should not take more than 24 g sugar per day. To avoid taking too much sugar, you need to look at the ingredients list. There’s many added sugar in food such as sauces and bottled drinks.

3. Low take fiber. Fiber is good to slows the rate of your body digests food. It will make your energy levels remain stable and help with weight management. Women need to take about 25g per day of fibre. According to National Institutes of Health (NIH) most women only take 10-15g fibre per day. Maybe some of women don’t like to eat vegetable but you still can get the fiber at fruits such as apples and potatoes. Eat a lot of whole grains in your diet and you will get more fiber.
4. Not eat enough protein. Protein help you to feel full longer. Women need about 46 g protein per day according to CDC. Try an egg or nonfat or lowfat from Yogurt. It could boost your intake of protein. Banana also have higher protein and you can eat if you’re in diet.
5. Overeat on red and processed meats. Meats also contain high protein but take more could make worst. If you still want to eat it, use it as a flavor enhancer rather than using as a main sources meal. Slice up meat on salad or any vegetable and take in a small amout.

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6. Not drinking enough water. Not drinking enough water could trigger hunger and dehydrated. You need to dring about sic to eight ounce glasses per day based on NIH requirement. Before eating, drink a galss of water and reevaluate in a few minutes. You also can eat fruits and vegetables that contain with high water such as watermelon to change the dull water.

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7. Taking too much carbodhydrate. Overtake carbodhydrate is main problem. According to CDC, 45 – 5% of total daily calories come from carbs. To fix it, focus on carbs that are high with minerals, vitamins and body regulating fiber. Limit the intake of carbs from processed foods.
8. Skip meals. Many people who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight. Schedule your eating time and do it. Maybe some of you don’t like to eat in the morning but take a small amount meals such as banana or yogurt. It could make your feeling full and prevent you to eat in high amount meal at the lunch hour.

Source :- MSN Healthyliving

That’s some biggest eating. Are you make it?

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