10 Biggest Workout Trends of 2014

For those who like to workout, do you want to know which workout become trends for 2014 and learn more about training programs that is both easy and best ? Google has released the top search trends for workout last year. This is the list :-

Created by Shaun T, this 60-day, DVD-based workout plan allows you to go hard in the comfort of your own home. Using your body as resistance, and performing cardio and plyometric drills with intervals of strength, power resistance, and core work, Insanity follows a rigorous six-day-a-week schedule that will push you to exercise at your maximum capacity in non-stop, 3- to 5-minute blocks.

PiYo Workout

If yoga’s strengthening and flexibility moves had a love child with Pilates’ muscle-sculpting and core-firming work, the result would be PiYo. Led by trainer Chalene Johnson, the mission of this sped-up, low-impact hybrid routine is to fight fat fast.

Focus T25
Don’t let the 25 minutes fool you, you’re guaranteed to break a sweat during this heart-pounding program, also developed by Shaun T. The 11-workout series focuses on one muscle group, works it to failure, and them moves quickly on to the next exercise without rest. The program asks you to commit to five days a week of high-intensity strength and cardio training. Expect to perform moves such as squats, high knees, pushups, mountain climbers, and cross jacks.

According to creator Tony Horton, this training program aims to take you from flab to fab in 90 days. Consisting of 12 intense workouts that utilize everything from weight training and jumping to martial arts and yoga, this workout, which also comes with an eating plan, will leave you breathless in a good way. Some of the roughly 50 moves that’ll help you reshape your body: various push-up styles (standard, wide front, military, etc.), bicep curls, chair dips, and deadlift squats.

7-Minute Workout
In June 2013, the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal put together a circuit of 12 body weight exercises scientifically proven to help you drop pounds in 7 minutes—and it’s still super popular. The idea: Do each exercise for 30 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest for major cardio-revving and muscle-building benefits.

Kettleball Workout
While the word “kettleball” may have been entered into the search field, the correct name for this tool is actually kettlebell. This style of training uses an orb shaped cast-iron weight attached to a handle (think bowling bag) to help build endurance, strength, and power. The best part: You can do a combination of static strength moves (squats, rows) and active ones (swings), for a killer total body workout that crushes major calories in a short amount of time.

Tabata Workout
Considering it only takes four minutes (excluding the warm-up and cool down), there’s no reason not to love it. Named after Japanese scientist Izumi Tabata, a professor and researcher at Ritsumeikan University’s Faculty of Sport and Health Science, Tabata’s high-intensity interval training is an 8-cycle circuit consisting of 20 seconds of hard work, followed by 10 seconds of rest (that’s 4 minutes total). Even better, this format works with pretty much every type of exercise—running, spinning, weightlifting—to help boost your aerobic and anaerobic capacity, VO2 max, resting metabolic rate, and fat burn.

Burpee Workout

This full-body move is one exercise we all love to hate. That’s because it is a super challenging butt-kicker that yields some awesome toning results. Luckily, its myriad variations—single-leg burpees, burpee box jumps, plank jack burpees, burpee with overhead press—continually keep our bodies guessing and transforming.

5×5 Workout
If you’re looking to bulk up and get Arnold Schwarzenegger strong, Stronglifts’ 5×5 is the plan for you. (Fun fact: This program is based on a 5×5 program developed by Schwarzenegger’s mentor, Reg Park, in 1960.) This workout, which revolves around lifting heavy weights to amp up your strength, encompasses five compound exercises: squat, bench press, deadlift, overhead press, and barbell row. In each 45-minute segment, you’ll perform 5 sets of 5 reps of three of the above exercises. The only time you deviate from that format is when doing deadlifts (you’ll only do one set of five reps) and squats (you’ll squat every time you exercise).

Body Beast
You’ll sweat six days a week with this 90-day plan; however, each will be met with a different set of challenging moves. This exercise style uses “dynamic set training,” where you work to fatigue the muscles and fire up your metabolism with a combo of light weight with high reps and heavy weight with low reps. The result: a defined, lean, and muscular physique.

Source :- News Health

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