Health Tip for Teens

Adolescent health is often neglected. This will impact on their health until their old age. Here are some tips for teen health: –

* Eat well, feel so good.

– Our bodies need food and drink for energy, growth and repair, so eat lots of different foods to stay healthy. Realize that you control what goes into your stomach.

* Take care of our teeth.


– Nobody want to use dentures. Brush our teeth with the teeth often and visit the doctor for a checkup. Do not eat between meal time and avoid sugary drinks.

* Build healthy bones.

-When we were young, we had the opportunity to build a strong skeleton for life. To do this we need calcium, vitamin D and regular exercise. Sunlight is an important source of vitamin D, so get out and exercise.

* Always eat breakfast

 Breakfast is the most important meal a day. It helps us to focus in school and we can not wait to snack foods at break time.

* Select healthy sneak.

-If we want sneak, eat a bowl of grain, toast or fruit. Enjoy some cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, watercress, and arugula three times a week. They’re disease-fighters, they’ll fill you up, and the crunch will help your body too.

* You must exercise regularly.


– Most of us spend much time in front of the television or playing computer games. Stay active, be active, sweat a little.To  be fit and look good, go out and play, join a sports club, go cycling or swimming.

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* Share with your buddies

– Don’t be alone. You have many thing in your life to share. Find a friend who you’re comfortable talking with about healthy habits. Social networks (the live and in-person ones!) are so important to helping you develop self-esteem and a value system. Find positive people around you who can support you and share some of your goals.

*Avoid cigarette, alcohol

– There’s many toxin in this product.  You need to avoid smoking, drink alcohol it as it could make you addict to them. And it is not good for your health too..

*Get adequate sleep

-Always sleep eight-and-a-half to nine hours a night (in greater than 90-minute blocks). It is good for your bodies to take rest after doing activities in a day.

That’s some tips for you teenagers. Don’t just enjoy your life without taking care your health.

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