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A person with gastric or in medical terms is referred to as’ peptic ulcer disease, often experience heartburn. It often occurs in an empty stomach, especially during late night or early morning.

Pain experienced by people with peptic ulcer disease is different by the level of the disease.  Usually, when heartburn attacks, most patients will immediately eat or drink something like milk or other foods to relieve this pain.
Sometimes,the sufferer will feel better after vomiting. In fact, vomiting can also help to relieve pain.

In addition to heartburn, gastric patients also feel full at the top of the stomach and also often belch. There were also cases that the patient will defecate liquid.One of disease related to gastric patient is peptic ulcer disease.It  is a disease caused by acid in the stomach’s digestive system. It includes diseases ‘ duodenal ulcer ‘,’ Gastric ulcer ‘and’ Reflux Oesophagitis.

Ease Gastric

It comes from the acids that damage the stomach wall. Some of these patients had gastric bacteria Helicobacter pylori ‘in their stomach, which acts weakened immune from the threat of acid the stomach wall.

Complications that may occur to the patient include peptic ulcer or gastric bleeding, leakage of stomach wall and stenosis of stomach riveting. All these complications were categorized as severe and life-threatening.

Among the gastric cause is as below:

  • Smoke
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages
  • Helicobacter pylori bacteria outbreaks
  • Failure of organs such as the failure of the kidneys, respiratory, and pesakit tenat septicemia outbreaks that may result in stress ulcer.
  • Ingestion nature that do not follow time.
  • Depressed lifestyle (stress)
  • Chemicals such as ubat Non-Steroid Anti Inflammatory Drug (NSAIDs).

In terms of gastric symptoms are suffered by a person suffering from gastritis are:

  • There are patients with gastritis or erosion of the stomach without clinical symptoms
  • Some patients feel pain during gejal symptoms are hungry and they had to eat more frequently to reduce the pain
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding can occur in patients who suffer from the problem of time, even 25 to 30 percent the cause was due to erosion (gastritis erosif).

Gastric treatment

There are three types of medication for gastritis are:

* Antacids – to act to improve and provide an additional layer of defense layer (mucosa) taken three times a day

* H2 antagonists – is used to reduce acid secretion. Antacid and H2 antagonists given for gastritis

* Proton pump inhibitors (PPI) – intended to reduce acid secretion more effectively, usually given to patients who experience severe gastritis or stomach ulcers


In addition to medication, patients need to take care of diet and lifestyle changes to prevent recurrence of gastric attack. Among the changes are required are:

* Quit smoking and drinking

* Stop taking pain killers

* Eat a healthy diet and regular meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). In the month of fasting, should be up watches and delaying the pre-dawn meal

* Eat a little, but often

* Limit spicy foods, sour

* Cut drinks containing caffeine (coffee, tea and carbonated drinks)

* Take milk for the milk alkaline properties may reduce stomach acidity

* Cut down on foods deemed to be windy. This food type vary between individuals and modify according to their needs

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