Simple Hacks Every Runner Should Know

Do you like running? It is one way to get better health and easiest exercise. Here are some 8 hacks every runner should know to help you run better and more efficient.
1) Drink
– Banana Smoothie . To Help Prevent Muscle Cramps

2) Coffee
– To Help Increase Your Endurance.


3) Don’t Have Pockets ?
– Use Your Shoe Laces To Hold Keys
– Maka A Custom Phone Holder
i) Step 1 : Fold The Sock
ii) Step 2: Make Sure Your Phone Can Fit In The Fold
iii)Step 3: Cut Off End
iv) Step 4: Pull Half Of The Sock Inside

4) Need A Grip For Your Water ?
– Grab Another Sock and Put Your Water Bottle Into The Sock. Fold The End Back Down.Put Your Hand Inside and The Bottle Will Stick To You.

5) Trick Your Body Into Running Faster
– Focus On An Object In Your Path
– You’ll Reach the Object Faster and Feel Less Tired

6) Sore Feet After A Run?
– Use A Tennis Ball to Massage Your Foot
– Stick The Tennis Ball In The Freezer First FOr Added Relief

7) Now Get Out There and Run

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